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Lunch with the family…

Oy! Three flights of stairs!

My sister took Elly and me, my mother, my son and his wife, my two daughters and three of my grandsons to lunch at Lightfoot’s, a former bank turned into a restaurant in Leesburg, VA. Supposedly, this restaurant is at a halfway point between my mother in Manassas and Elly and me in Harpers Ferry (and my daughter Penny and her kids in Williamsport, MD.)

This was put together so everyone could give me their best wishes before I go into the hospital next week and for all of them to wish me their best.

Buddy and Rachel

We were up three flights of stairs in a private room in this old bank building, where we (or at least me with my current balance and dizziness) slowly walked up and then spent two hours in one place.

It’s full of old French theatre posters, which was sort of neat for my 12-year-old grandson John who is learning French in school this year…”Mais oui!”

My Mother

My son Bud and his wife Rachel are in from Wisconsin.. they’ll be flying back early tomorrow. Penny and the boys, of course, only live a little bit away from us and will be involved in watching me when I recuperate so Elly can go into Hagerstown Community College and work.

Me, of course

My daughter Cassandra who will be here for another week is coordinating all the hospital and doctor stuff with Elly. She is a very organized and impressive woman and has everything going on schedule… more tests next week before surgery, hospital be rental for after (not sure why I need this, but I’m told not to argue.)

Anyway, I can’t get over thinking that this is everyone’s chance to say goodbye to me in case anything goes wrong in surgery (I think there’s a 7% chance or something.)

No radio shows this coming weekend… perhaps the week after. Let’s hope.

Our first view of what’s coming with the storm…

Elly’s job at Hagerstown Community College is off for two days as HCC has announced closing due to the approach of Sandy.

The rain has already started here this morning and we are soon expecting the wind.

Hope you are all keeping an eye out if you are in the storm track and please take care of yourselves. here’s a chance that we’ll lose power and the blog will be down, but as long as I can I’ll keep it up.


Saturday Morning… Market, Voting, Making Pie

Elly is off at the Hagerstown Community College graduation with the rest of the faculty, leaving me and the dogs behind. The weather is threatening… right now there is an ongoing drizzle, but it is threatening thunderstorms. Even so, after feeding and taking the dogs for their morning walk, I left for the second week of the Morgan’s Grove Market.

Because of threatening weather about half of last week’s vendors didn’t show up… attendance was lower as well, although about half the parking area was filled. In general, the weather was not terrible, so it was a shame that more folks didn’t show up.

The Entertainment, billed as Gregorio and Friends (there were only 2 of them, so I guess some friends were absent), arrived and started playing.

Al Thomas was doing a demonstration of old-fashioned, hand turned wood which he was happy to answer questions about…

After helping Ruth Robertas out at her Four Seasons Bookstore booth for a few minutes so she could go and get a donut (I sold seven lottery tickets for the community garden!), I took off to go and vote in the Governor primary (this was an unusual Saturday election day).

Then I came home to further develop my Vegan Key Lime Pie recipe.

Tonite we’re going to see 1776 at the Apollo Civic Theater in Martinsburg.

Busy Saturday.

Senator Ben Cardin (D – Maryland) is Doing a Town Hall Meeting at Hagerstown Community College Tomorrow

The only Town hall meeting on Health Care that is being done within 20 miles of where I am will be tomorrow at HCC. Ben Cardin is the Senator whose coming and it appears there were real security concerns after all the activities at Town Hall Meetings in the past week.  The Security Director of HCC put this out to the faculty and staff (Elly forwarded it to me):

On Wednesday, August 12, 2009 Senator Cardin will hold a town hall meeting in the Kepler Theater from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Security, parking and traffic control will require us to block off the some roads and parking areas. Everyone should expect traffic delays coming and leaving campus between those times.  Demonstrators are also expected to be lined up on both sides of Robinwood Drive for the town hall meeting.
The Campus Police and Sheriff’s Deputies will be at the Kepler Theater for crowd control and security purposes. Anyone who does not have to go into the area of the theater should try to avoid going there due to the large number of people expected.

1. Kepler Drive will be closed at Scholar Drive. Staff, students and select others may park on “S” Lot in “STAFF area. Be prepared to ID yourself to A Deputy and Maintenance member.

2.The 30 minute Bookstore and M Lots will be CLOSED to all.

3.The pathway that goes past the College Center and the Kepler will be CLOSED to all (except emergency and maintenance vehicles.

4.There are barricades between the Kepler and the Science Building to prevent access past the two buildings at that location.

Wow… I’ve never seen anyone take this much precaution for a visiting politician. I guess I’ll have to go to this one tomorrow so I can report on it.