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The Dirtiest Fuel on the Planet…

Let’s look at this from Al Gore (from the Huffington Post):

The leaders of the top environmental groups in the country, the Republican Governor of Nebraska, and millions of people around the country — including hundreds of people who have bravely participated in civil disobedience at the White House — all agree on one thing: President Obama should block a planned pipeline from the tar sands of Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico.

The tar sands are the dirtiest source of fuel on the planet. As I wrote in Our Choice two years ago, gasoline made from the tar sands gives a Toyota Prius the same impact on climate as a Hummer using gasoline made from oil. This pipeline would be an enormous mistake. The answer to our climate, energy and economic challenges does not lie in burning more dirty fossil fuels — instead, we must continue to press for much more rapid development of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and cuts in the pollution that causes global warming.


A Quote for Today – Why in hell are Republicans so eager to get back to offshore oil drilling?

The House gave us a new piece of garbage last week: The Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act, which passed 266 to 144 with 33 Democrats buying into the scheme, orders the Department of the Interior to move quickly to offer three leases to drill in the Gulf of Mexico and one off the coast of Virginia. The bill demands that the leases be executed by next year.

But this is not going to reduce the price at the pump, no matter what they say…

Ask Mike Lynch of Strategic Energy and Economic Research, Inc.( referring not just to those four leases, but to expanding all U.S. drilling):

“It’s not going to change the price of oil overnight, and it’s probably not going to have a huge impact on the price of oil ever.

“You might, under really optimistic scenarios, over five or six years, add 2 million barrels a day of production. On a global scale, it’s significant. But we would still be big importers — we would still be dependent on foreign oil.”

So I am asking once again, why in hell are Republicans so eager to get back to offshore oil drilling? I would guess that, with elections upcoming, there is a lot of oil money in the candidates’ pockets.

On the Oil Spill Front…

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BP Tees Up Asset Sales to Pay For Spill

LONDON (Reuters) – A day after BP said it would sell $30 billion in assets to pay for its Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the focus shifted to what is for sale, while lawyers prepared to tackle a mountain of claims for damages.
Just 24 hours after gaffe-prone Chief Executive Tony Hayward’s head rolled from the chopping block, candidates for the auction block hit the headlines, as BP aims to slim down to recover from the thumping losses racked up in the 100 days since the start of the environmental disaster.
Sources with direct knowledge of the matter said BP was in talks with India’s Reliance Industries and Essar to sell retail assets in Africa with an estimated price tag of $500 million.
Investment bankers said the assets BP could sell include its stake in Alaska’s huge Prudhoe Bay oil field and its interest in Pan American Energy in Argentina, as well as smaller assets in Vietnam, Pakistan and Colombia.
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Is $30 Billion enough? Certainly 4-5 months of destruction comes in at more than that.

Palin: Oil Spill is the Fault of Environmentalists (via JONATHAN TURLEY)

Thanks to Jonathan Turley for the most humorous message of the day. Hit the “More” button and read the whole thing.

Palin: Oil Spill is the Fault of Environmentalists On the heels of Rush Limbaugh suggesting actual sabotage by environmentalists, Sarah Palin is joining the cause in blaming environmentalists for the oil spill by British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico. Palin blamed “misguided radicalism” of environmentalists (as opposed presumably to “guided radicalism” of conservatives) for the disaster. She suggested that, if only these poor struggling oil companies were allowed to drill in wildlife reserves a … Read More


Oil Spill has Reached the Louisiana Coast

The spill in the Gulf is now expected to be bigger than the Exxon Valdez disaster. The current expectation according to the EPA is 5000 barrels a day leaking from the  destroyed well. Sky Truth, an organization which has been providing the aerial images, thinks it is closer to 6000 barrels a day leaking (if you want to figure out how much oil that is, 1000 barrels equals 42,000 gallons).

British Petroleum, the responsible party here, is not yet able to stop the leak and has not determined what cause the original explosion from which 11 men are still missing.

Henry Waxman, whose Congressional committee is responsible for offshore drilling, is calling for more information and this could get in the way of the decision which President Obama made a short time ago to get back into offshore drilling.

Whatever the case, the spill has overwhelmed current methods of control.