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Bill vs. Critter

Just got back from releasing the groundhog I trapped at our aging and unoccupied chicken coup into the wilds of the Potomac River woodlands. Elly is thrilled, I’m thrilled, the garden is safe again (unless there are more groundhogs (woodchucks?) living under the coup.

Hard to see it, but it’s in there.

This afternoon I have to rebait the trap with cantaloupe and give it another shot.

Score do far is me 1, critters 0.

The Groundhog Saw His Shadow…

Punxatawney Phil is predicting 6 more weeks of winter… however, if it is six weeks of a winter like we’ve been having, then Phil is living in a dream world.

It’s supposed to be colder today, but yesterday, on the first day of February (called February Fools day for those following Mitt Romney‘s gaffes about the poor) it was over 60°.

I wonder what Spring will be like.

Groundhog Day

Good morning. It is the ancient Christian holiday of Candlemas which, in German folklore, became a day for groundhogs to predict the weather. Whether it is Punxatawney Phil or Milltown Mel (a new contender in the Groundhog star universe), we have crowds gathering while the poor beast is aroused from hibernation to check for his shadow.

Well, this morning the groundhogs in both towns in Pennsylvania and New Jersey DID see their shadows and that means 6 more weeks of winter.

The Groundhog Club in Punxatawney says that since 1887 Phil has predicted more winter weather by seeing his shadow nearly 100 times… that sets the odds against early spring weather very low. I look out my window at the snow left on the ground and just wish winter would go away… I really don’t care WHAT the Groundhog says.