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Character Actor Frank Cady Dies at 96

Sam Drucker

Cady as Sam Drucker

If you remember Petticoat Junction or Green Acres or The Beverly Hillbillies, you’ll remember General Store proprietor Sam Drucker, who was played by Frank Cady. Cady died Friday at his home in Wilsonville, Ore., at Age 96.

Cady played Drucker for the entire run of “Green Acres” on CBS, from 1965 to 1971, when it was canceled.He was also in the 1990 movie, Return To Green Acres.

Frank Cady was first known on television for playing Doc Williams on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. In films, he had a part in Hitchcock’s Rear Window, among others. He also appeared in many Southern California stage productions.

Harold Kepnes still lives and I am thrilled…

Harold and I have been friends for over 50 years, now, and it’s that kind of friendship that goes on whether we see each other regularly or not. We can go several years without speaking with each other, then one of us will pick up the phone and it is like no time has passed. I’m sure everyone has at least one friend like that.

Harold and his Daughter Caroline (the Reel Girl on E!)

Harold and his wife Monica own a furniture store in Hyannis, MA (his big story is that he sold furniture to Teddy Kennedy). As young teens I spent half my Cape Cod summers over at Harold’s house where his parents treated me like another son. It was a great time.

Last year, however, Harold called me telling me he had cancer and was given about 18 months to live… meanwhile he was undergoing chemo and had lost weight (close to 100 lbs… and Harold started out as a chunky like me.)

Sunday, Harold called me to say he was 11 months into the chemo and was in partial remission. They were stopping the chemo because it was no longer working, but he was feeling pretty good. He’s pretty sure he’ll make it past the eighteen month point… I sure hope he does… and we had our regular phone call and discussion about families, basketball, the move Elly and I are making into “farming” (why does everyone say “Green Acres” to me when I talk about it?).

I don’t know what the situation will be the next time we talk, but I sure hope Harold continues to move ahead.

For old guys like me who remember Ichabod Mudd…

…the actor who played Captain Midnight‘s sidekick, Sid Melton, has died at age 94.

One of the many second tier actors on Broadway, in films and on early TV, Melton’s face was immediately recognizeable from his regular roles in the television shows “Make Room for Daddy” and “Green Acres,” and for his unflagging reliability as the comic relief in many science-fiction and noir films of the 1950s.

His career ranged from 1939 to the early 1990s with a role on The Golden Girls.