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Worlds Best Graffiti VII – Getting near the end of the collection…





World’s Best Graffiti VI – As you can see, I’m being lazy…

… while I’m in the process of moving houses, I’m not doing my usual political ramble (of course, I’ve had no television to pick up the political stuff, but, wonder of wonders, Comcast showed up this morning.)

Anyway, here are a few more wall art masterpieces;

I love the tiger!

World’s Best Graffiti IV – Street Entertainment

Here’s four more:

World’s Best Graffiti III – Art in the Street

Here’s a few more for Leap Day:

Have a nice day!

World’s Best Graffiti II – post from a lazy blogger.

Today was the closing on our new (old) house and I just didn’t get to the blog. To make up for it, here’s a few more of the great graffiti images that Cecil sent me:



But, Bill, are there any more?

Why, yes… they’ll be coming later.



Wednesday Night Graphic Amusement…

My friend Cecil sent me a ton of these, for which I thank him. I can only put a few up tonight, but more will come later in the week (Cec, there are soooo many of them!).

WORLD’s Best Graffiti: