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Why you might want to avoid McDonald’s McRib Sandwich

The Humane Society has filed a complaint alleging that Smithfield Foods, McDonald’s pork supplier, crams its pigs in tiny gestation crates.

It has been stated that the McRib appears at McDonald’s when the price of pork goes down enough for the fast food monster.

The Humane Society has published the offenses by Smithfield, the pig raisers:

• Breeding sows were crammed inside “gestation crates” so small the animals could barely move for virtually their entire lives. Frustrated by this extreme confinement, sows engaged in “stereotypic” behaviors, which indicate poor welfare, like bar biting and head swaying. Some sows had bitten their bars so incessantly that blood from their mouths coated the fronts of their crates.

• Sows suffered from open pressure sores and other ulcers and wounds that developed from their unmitigated confinement and their inability to change
positions in the crate.

Abscesses sometimes formed from simple scratches due to ever-present bacteria.

• The investigator never saw a veterinarian at the operation.

• A barn manager told the investigator to ignore a sow with a basketball-sized abscess on her neck, and then cut the abscess open with an unsterilized razor.

• Employees jabbed a lame sow’s neck and back with gate rods to force her to move.

• Three times, the investigator informed employees that a pig was thrown into a dumpster alive. The animal had been shot in the forehead with a captive bolt gun, which is designed to render an animal unconscious, and was thrown in the dumpster still alive and breathing.

• Employees mishandled piglets and tossed them into carts. Some piglets born prematurely in gestation crates fell through the slats and died in manure pits.

What this all means is that if you eat McRib sandwiches, you are financing Smithfield to carry out their disgusting practices.