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How Obama Raised the Price of Gas (according to the Right)

We all know, as the Repiglicants have told us over and over, that the gas prices are going up because oil in the middle east costs more and Obama refuses to increase oil production here in the good ole USA.

What? That’s not true? You think Obama has actually allowed more oil drilling here than previous (read Repiglicant) administrations?

Well, here’s the facts:

Hmmm. Perhaps he’s keeping it all for himself.

A Quote on Gas Prices…

We’re hearing the primary campaigners accuse President Obama of personally seeing to it that gas prices have gone to extremes (I saw one station at 3.95 a gallon in Charles Town yesterday). Well, I think we should hear what the President has said on the subject:

“You can bet that since it’s an election year, they’re already dusting off their 3-point plan for $2 gas — and I’ll save you the suspense: Step one is to drill and step two is to drill. And then step three is to keep drilling. We heard the same line in 2007 when I was running for President. We hear the same thing every year. We’ve heard the same thing for 30 years. Well, the American people aren’t stupid. They know that’s not a plan, especially since we’re already drilling. That’s a bumper sticker. It’s not a strategy to solve our energy challenge. That’s a strategy to get politicians through an election.” -Barack Obama

Frankly, if any of those yo-yos (Newt, especially, who is left with not much else to push than this) could actually get gas down to $2.00 a gallon they have enough congressional support to do it now.

Have you wondered why they don’t?

Memorial Day Weekend Begins…

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a GIFT. That’s why it’s called the present.”
— Bill Keane

Memorial Day weekend has begun. From now through Monday we’ll be celebrating the founding of our country and the sacrifices made by soldiers in wars and conflicts.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be at Morgan’s Grove market from 9:00 Am to 12:00 Noon. Tomorrow night, Elly and I are going to Full Circle Theater to see Last of the Boys, a play by Steven Dietz.

Also, at some time this weekend (probably tonight), we’ll be going to the Old Opera House to see a film I’ve been waiting for:  Pom Wonderful presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold by Morgan Spurlock.

Monday I’ll be hosting Winners and Losers for John Case on WSHC (89.7 FM) from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM. To listen on your computer if you are out of our limited broadcast range, go to

Have a great weekend, my friends, and if you are at any of the things in Shepherdstown I’m going to, say “Hi”.

– Bill