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The House can still block War Funding.

Current article at War is a (used to be called After Downing Street):
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War Funding Going to House

The Senate has passed an almost $60 billion bill funding President Barack Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan after stripping out more than $20 billion in domestic spending approved by the House.
In a take-it-or-leave-it gesture, the Senate is returning the bill it passed in May to the House.
The spending bill is now limited chiefly to Afghanistan funding, foreign aid, medical care for Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and replenishing almost empty disaster aid accounts.
The move repels a long-shot bid by House Democrats earlier this month to resurrect their faltering jobs agenda with $10 billion in grants to school districts to avoid teacher layoffs, money for a summer jobs program and improved security along the U.S.-Mexico border.
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Happy New Year to You All…

I hope 2010 turns out to bring a significant improvement to all our lives. It can certainly move away from the combination of dread, deceit and degradation that our society moved through in the 00’s, culminating in the political infirmity of 2009.

So I’m making some resolutions this morning… you know, those things you tell yourself that you will change and then ignore about a week later… that I hope will be reflected in Under The LobsterScope in the decade, or at least the year, to come.

First: I want to avoid supplying publicity for the characters who are merely trying to keep their names in front of us in order to build a platform for a miserable future. That would include Sarah Palin and Dick “The Dick” Cheney, and too many others who take up space in the nether reaches of HuffPo and Salon. They have enough other sites wasting space on them… I want to focus, at least politically, on the people who will bring a positive, liberal message to those of us who have suffered since Reagan (SSR).

Second: I want to expand my arts coverage from the point of view of the individual trapped in the Potomac valley of the West Virginia Panhandle (yeah, that’s me.) Of course while I’m directing SNARK at Full Circle Theater, that’s likely to take up a lot of my arts posting. But I’ve been subscribing to a bunch of newsletters from around the country ( and around the world, actually) which will give me a basis for commentary on many arts issues. I really think we need to talk about the arts more, especially as arts programming is usually the first economic victim in school budgets and is considered well below sports, both professional and amateur, by the majority of media sites.

Third: I think I am going to have to set up a financial support system for this blog, something I haven’t done in its first six years, because I am still unemployed and want to have the time to make these entries and respond to comments and remarks and have to have a reason to doing it instead of being the old guy who welcomes you at the door at Wal-Mart. I’m exploring the least objectionable support method now (I really want to avoid selling advertising.)

So that’s my big three. I’ll see how long I focus on them as we go on. Meanwhile, flip all your calendars and get used to writing the new year on your checks (something I always screw up for a month or so) and get out there and make it a better world.

– BT

Harry Truman looks down from above…

…where he is laughing himself silly. It has taken 60 years or so to get as far as we have, and we still don’t have the universal health care that would put us among advanced nations.

Repiglicans and Blue Dogs dance and sing the crap that slows down this musical review… and we sit in the audience hoping that intermission will come soon.