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I’m over at the Thurber Carnival Rehearsal…

We’re moving closer to opening and I still haven’t seen the whole show in sequence… therefore the light cues are not set. I’ve got all of the playing areas covered with pools of light… it’s when to switch them on and off (dimmers, of course) and how to group them that haven’t yet been decided.

I don’t think it’s going to be difficult to set up, but I really don’t like waiting until the last minute. I like to get my cues run enough in rehearsals that no mistakes are made during show times.

The cast is doing notes in the middle of rehearsal right now, so I can write this instead of watching where they are moving on the stage. I have about a page of notes so far to reposition some lights… but I understand the Director is changing her scenery concept and it will be going in soon and that will affect the position of lights.

OK… she’s starting up again… back to work


I’m starting to get busy as a retiree…

So far, I have my slot with John Case on his Friday morning Winners and Losers program on WSHC (mornings 7:30 to 9:00 at 89.7 AM) and I’m getting ready to do some volunteer web work with the American Conservation Film Festival.

I’m teaching Technical Theatre in August (wow…NEXT WEEK!) at the Full Circle kids camp.

I’m working on a radio drama proposal that I want to fund through Kickstarter. Case and I have been discussing this for a while.

And I’m looking for something to direct. There’s a play by Edward Albee called “Occupant” which is about the late sculptor Louise Nevelson that I’d like to do, but it isn’t the kind of show locals are going to be tremendously interested in. I am, though.

Kids Theater Camp at Full Circle Theater…

Laura Bakin reminded me by E-Mail this morning that I’m teaching tech theater (mostly lighting, I guess) to the kids at the Full Circle summer camp starting next week. Guess I’ll have to start getting my act together.

I’m also going to be doing some volunteer work for the American Conservation Film Festival which actually comes off in the fall… however, I’ve offered to update their web page ( I’m meeting their director for iced tea this coming week.

Looks like the retired life is going to get more interesting.

I thought I’d take a day before commenting on Snark…

So now I’m a full 24 hours away from the first three shows and I’m not as disappointed as I thought I would be. In reality it went very well when one considers that this is amateur, community-oriented theatre… the first time I have done Snark without professionals (and the first time I have done it in 34 years.) I had fun watching it and was able to talk with individual cast members about little improvements and such.

Now we are going to do a “brush up” rehearsal on Wednesday to make sure they don’t lose the status they have gained and to add some very small changes. Assuming it goes OK, Friday nite’s show should continue the good performances.

We have plenty of tickets available if you are in the area. Go to the Full Circle Theater site to make reservations.

Snark Opening Last Night… not as bad as I expected…

… in fact pretty good (my wife, son, daughter and grandkids back me up on this… and at least three of them have no trouble telling me what they REALLY think.)

I had a couple of problems… the tempo of the show was a little off and the Butcher dropped a line that he had dropped in rehearsals (but I found a way to prevent it from happening tonite… I think) and the set pieces weren’t placed correctly for the last scene… but these are easy notes. Joe Jurand, the Board President, made a long fund raising speech at the beginning of the evening… something you really shouldn’t do with an audience full of kids. They just don’t give a damn about getting a plaque on a donated wall for three years… they want to see a show.

I think I will put Eddy’s Walrus & Carpenter Oratorio on AFTER the Snark tonite, since a.) younger kids can go home if they are now too tired to watch (an 8 PM curtain is awfully late for 7- and 8-year-olds) and b.) Eddy will be here tonite to discuss the piece with music lovers and c.) this actually slows down the audience before Snark and I can’t let that happen.

So tonite is night two of The Hunting Of The Snark. There are tickets available (tomorrow’s matinee is a sellout to a major church group) and then more available for next weekend. If you are in the area come by and see it. Bring the kids… they’ll have a lot of fun.

Hunting Of The Snark Opening Date Moved (Due to weather holdups)

The new Opening Date for Hunting Of The Snark at Full Circle Theater Company in Shepherdstown, WV, will be Friday March 5. It will run two weekends through March 14.

I’d call in reservations now… before the dates changed we were starting to fill up on the opening… this will add to the pile.

Rehearsal Today

Hunting of the Snark is going pretty well, although we have had to make some cast replacements and we are short one small part (the joys of Community Theatre) which may be filled today.

On Wednesday night, as we rehearsed the Sixth Fit (the scenes in Snark are called Fits – Lewis Carroll called his poem “An Agony in Eight Fits”) the cast started hitting chords which, for the first time since we started, brought back memories of the original show in the 70s.

Ed Roberts, the really great composer of Snark, sent me the first parts of the Oratorio we are adding to the beginning of te performance, The Walrus And Yhe Carpenter, and I was struck by the thought, when listening to the Midi file , that this had a sound that made me feel like a “Boardwalk Carnival”, and it gave me an idea for the staging that I am working out. More later on that… Ed should be getting me the rest of that piece in the next couple of days and I want to start putting it together next week some time.

BTW, it’s not too early to get reservations in for the February 19 -28 weekend performances… especially if you are bringing groups of kids (ages 6 and up) that I like to sit on the stage around the actors for interactive stuff. Of you are in the Sjepherdstown WV area (or Hagerstown, Frederick, Charles Town, Martinsburg, Berkeley or whatever), you can make online reservations at Full Circle Theater… just click HERE.

The information site for this production of Hunting of the Snark is HERE.

Another night of Auditions for Hunting Of The Snark…

…and now I’m up to half a cast with one more night to go.

Had some great voices so far, but I am five people (four men) short and wish I had much, much more to choose from. But, hey, this is Community Theatre, and the word “opera” seems to be scaring the hell out of people. Too bad… if they new how light and how much fun Snark is I might not have a problem.

Oh, Well, another audition at Full Circle Theater tomorrow night from 7 to 9.  Do you sing?

Just Back from the Light Booth: Holmes and Watson Opens Friday

Rehearsal tonite went pretty well… we added the sound and light cues to the dress rehearsal. Charles and I sat in the booth as the two person cast (Joe and Justin) carried on below.

Anyway, it looks like it will be a good show, so if you are near Shepherdstown, WV, during the next twp weekends, head over to Full Circle Theater on Princess Street. You’ll enjoy it.

Box office info HERE.

Auditions in Shepherdstown, WV…


The Hunting of the Snark.


113 S. Princess St.
Shepherdstown, WV

December 1, 2, 16 & 17 at 7:00 PM and Saturday Dec. 12 at 1:00 PM
Or by Appointment.

Director: Bill Tchakirides

Music Director: Ruth Raubertas

5 Male
3 Female
All Vocal Ranges Needed!

Please bring recorded accompaniment for audition pieces…

Remember, we’d like to hear how you sing!
We’re looking for a wide variety of physical types.

If you are interested, sheet music samples are available from the score with connected MIDI sound files which we can e-mail to you as audition material. If you request these, let us know what vocal range you sing in (Baritone, Bass, Alto, Soprano…) Contact or call 301-467-9607.

Full Circle in rehearsal for HOLMES and WATSON

… which opens on December 11th (of course, with yours truly up in the light booth, for those of you who go to the theatre to see light cues executed well).

I was sitting outside of the Lost Dog Coffeehouse on German Street in Shepherdstown today, this being the first of two “Christmas Sale” weekends in our town, when the entire cast (2) of Holmes and Watson came by promoting the show. So I took their picture:

(Joe Jurand and Justin Dunleavy as Holmes and Watson.)

You can get information on the show at Full Circle’s web site HERE.

Audition information for THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK…

…at the Full Circle Theater has now been posted. Auditions start on Dec. 1. Go HERE for all the information.

CATF and Full Circle Theater Together Again

Last night there was a second CATF staged reading performed at the Full Circle Theater instead of at Shepherd U. Two weeks ago we had one of these as well at Full Circle and it marked a first time that CATF has combined with another theater group during its season to present something.

from the light booth...

from the light booth...

I was in the light booth turning the stage lights on and off, and that’s where I viewed the reading. Pretty good seat, actually.

Michael Weller’s new play, SIDE EFFECTS, was the reading and the performers were, for a second time as well, Anderson Matthews and Lee Roy Rogers. Like the play 50 WORDS, which is Weller’s piece in the current group of five plays in the CATF Summer Season, this is a piece that explores the relationship of a married couple whose side affairs change their lives whether they want them changed or not. There was humor and drama both here, and, although this play seems to need a lot more polishing, it was an interesting evening.

This morning, at the Shepherd Wellness Center gym where I go to exercise several times a week, I was sitting in the lobby with my post-exercise cup of coffee, when Lee Roy Rogers came in to use the facility. I had a nice little conversation with her about last night’s performance and the previous one and told her how much it meant to all of us to have this connection between CATF and Full Circle.

We discovered that we were both disappointed at the lack of promotion for the readings (we only had around 45 people last night, about 20 less than 2 weeks ago… we could seat 90). We agreed that it would be nice to have more of these readings… perhaps one every week. Maybe next year.

The CATF has about a week and a half left in it’s season and if you haven’t been to one of the plays, click on their website over in the addresses on the left side of this blog and get a reservation. Full Circle will be getting into it’s Fall Season really soon as well.