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Character Actor Steve Franken Dies at 80…

Steve Franken, 80, a veteran character actor whose long career included playing the spoiled young millionaire Chatsworth Osborne Jr. on the popular situation comedy “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” in the early 1960s, has died. He was 80. Franken died last Friday in Canoga Park, CA.

Franken appeared in scores of TV shows and movies over a 50 year career. These included “The Party,” “The Americanization of Emily,” “The Missouri Breaks” and the Jerry Lewis comedies “Which Way to the Front?” and “Hardly Working.”

For many TV fans, especially old guys like me,  Franken is best remembered as Chatsworth Osborne Jr. on “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” The series, which aired on CBS from 1959 to 1963, starred Dwayne Hickman in the title role of the girl-crazy grocer’s son, whose beatnik friend, Maynard G. Krebs, was played by Bob Denver. Franken joined the series in 1960, replacing the young actor who had played Milton Armitage, the show’s original rich kid: Warren Beatty.

When Hickman appeared at an autograph show with Franken a few years ago, he said:

“Steve told me people were still coming up to him on the street asking for his autograph and calling him Chatsworth.”

Franken, however was a serious actor who worked up to this past year.

Here is Franken playing the drunken waiter in the Peter Sellers comedy, “The Party,” from 1968:

Al Franken Takes On Thune and the Republicans on Health Care Bill…

This is the Al Franken that I am glad to see in the Senate:

And I know that Al HAS read the Bill!

Al Franken has proposed his First Bill

and it’s a small, but pretty good one that show’s Al’s sympathy with the military guys he entertained for years…

And what is his very first bill? Make service dogs cheaper for injured service members. The dogs help wounded vets get around, remind them to take medications, can wake them from nightmares and could even lower the high suicide rates among our military. It costs $20K to train a dog, however, and another $5K to place one with a vet. Franken’s bill would train more dogs and make it easier for vets to match up with a canine companion.

Good for you, Al.

Today’s quote…

“nothing says FAIL better than restitution.”

says Speed Ball in a comment on Wonkette concerning the Minnesota Republicans having to pay Al Franken a restitution check for $96,000.00 for his legal expenses against Coleman.

I put this up as soon as I got it…

From McClatchy:

clipped from
Al Franken with his wife Franni by his side in January 2009.

Franken declared winner, giving Dems 60 Senate seats

Comedian Al Franken will take his seat in the U.S. Senate after the Minnesota Supreme Court ordered that he be certified as the winner of last year’s election. That will give Democrats control of 60 Senate seats, a filibuster-proof majority. Franken’s opponent, Norm Coleman, conceded the race and said he would not appeal the state court’s order. » read more

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Is Norm Going to Pull Out?

Two or three sources are betting that Norm Coleman is going to discontinue his campaign to keep Al Franken from getting the Minnesota Senate seat if the State Supreme Court, as it is believed, comes in supporting Franken. Even though John Cornyn and the other Republican Committee types are saying they would support Coleman through the US Supreme Court, Coleman apparently thinks Governor Pawlenty will sign the certification if the State Supremes come in for Al.

One major reason that Norm will end it here is supposed to be Pawlenty’s desire to go for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012. Pawlenty has 19 months to go as Governor and holding up Franken’s certification is not making him a popular guy. Coleman owes Pawlenty big time, both for supporting him so far and because he ran for Governor and not Senator in the past, letting Coleman have the Republican nomination.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, the State Supremes are due to weigh in and no one thinks they are coming in for Coleman. This exercise in stupidity is weighing badly for Minnesota Republicans and if Coleman ever wants to get into the game again… come back for Governor, say, when Pawlenty goes for President, he’ll have to clean up his act pretty soon.

Is Pawlenty Opting Out of a Third Term Because He Can’t Get Elected?!?

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced today that he wouldn’t seek a third Governor’s term in 2010. The question is why?

Most of the press thinks it’s because he intends to run for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2012 and needs the time to push towards that run.

I think, however, that the miserable publicity and lack of concern for State residents having a full Congressional representation which Pawlenty has built up while supporting Norm Coleman’s attempt to steal the senatorial election from Al Franken is the real cause. The people, even those who didn’t support Franken in the first place, are pretty pissed-off that Pawlenty didn’t certify Franken after the recount, or after the recount review that gave him even more votes, but has backed Coleman’s taking the recount to the State Supreme Court where arguments wereplayed out yesterday.

The press and observers don’t think Coleman has a chance after Jurists seriously questioned the lack of rel information he was using. When they come back, probably in the next couple of weeks, with a verdict, and if it supports Franken, which most of the press assumes it will, Pawlenty will be stuck on a spear through the butt! At that point, Franken can probably get seated by Harry Reid and won’t need Pawlenty, and Pawlenty’s participation in a stall that didn’t work will make him appear much weaker.

Will he go hand and hand with Coleman to the US Supreme Court? If he does, he’ll be screwed in front of a much bigger National audience… and there goes the Presidency.