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Under The LobsterScope once again asks for Your Help so we can keep going…

…but there’s something in it for you (beyond the daily blog goodies put out for your enjoyment):

Support this blog with $5.00 or more…

…and get “Bill’s Cast O’ Characters,” a great image font,based on authentic turn-of-the-century ornaments in the Barnhart Bros. & Spindler specimen book, e-mailed to you immediately.

So many of you have been following this blog since 2004 that I feel like a member of a huge web community.

I have enjoyed bringing you The Cartoon or Cartoons of the Week, the Quotes, the Political and Arts News, the Blogrolls to the best sites in America and beyond… They are all a joy to put together. Often we get the breaking political stories before you see them anywhere else. And our wide open communication channels with readers can’t be beat.

Well, once again, I need YOUR help to keep it going. I’m hoping you will make a small contribution, by PayPal or credit/debit card, in support of Under The LobsterScope. You’d be amazed at how much $5.00 can do to help me bring more and more to these pages. And it is probably the LOWEST annual subscription fee you will make to any publication… interactive or not.

And for a contribution of $5.00 (or MORE) you will receive a copy of my Picture Font, Bill’s Cast O’ Characters  – one of my very favorites and my most used.

(I send you the True Type versions for both Macs and PCs by email). I regularly sell this font for $29.95. (See the Sample Below.)

You should know, however, that even a contribution of only $1.00 adds to the ability of this unemployed blogger to find things for your benefit, and gives you my heartfelt thanks. By clicking on the DONATE button below, you tell me that Under The LobsterScope makes a difference in your time on the web.


– Bill T.


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I have now put 18 fonts up for sale on the UTF Type Foundry site.

As of this morning, I added font number 18 for sale at the UTF Type Foundry site. I did this by putting up Bill’s Real Rubber Stamps, a font I get a kick out of using for child-influenced signs:

I also added Bill’s Universal Symbols yesterday.

I’m having a lot of fun getting back into the font business and a couple of hundred people a day are exploring the site… I’ve even sold a couple of the

BTW… all fonts come in packages containing both Mac and PC versions. Picture fonts come with keycharts. Deliveries are made by e-mail immediately upon making the sale. PayPal, credit and debit cards accepted.

If you get the chance and are looking for inexpensive printing and layout accessories, go to

I’ve set up a new blog for my fonts…

So many of you have asked how to get the picture fonts I offer from time to time for donations to Under The LobsterScope, and to see ones I haven’t shown here, that I have felt the need to set up a blog to show and sell them.

If you are interested (and this is something that graphic artists, designers and folks doing page layouts can really benefit from), go to UTF Type Foundry. There are only  few there now, but I will be adding one or two new samples every day.

– Bill