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My Car will now not be done until noon tomorrow…

…and I remain trapped at home. John Case is going to pick me up at 6:30 AM to get to the radio show setup at Mellow Moods (you can listen from 7:30 to 9:00 AM on WSHC 89.7) and I assume he’ll drop me off at Brown’s Auto Repair after the show.

It seems the new water pump (another part I didn’t know about) wasn’t delivered until late today and the guy working on my car won’t have everything back together until the late morning. This will only add hourly charges and watch the whole thing go beyond the $1200.00 they estimated yesterday.

That blows my evening out of the water, too. I was going to go to the Thurber Carnival rehearsal at Full Circle tonite to work on the lighting plot… looks like the next rehearsal I’ll be able to get to is Monday.  John is going to express my regrets to the Director, as he has to be at rehearsal at 7 PM. They haven’t run both acts in sequence and I have plenty of time to get the lighting down.

And life goes on…

I hope you folks missed me on 89.7 FM this morning…

… cuz in my humble opinion I was terrible! The music link on my computer stopped working a couple of times. One of the songs I played (new one that I hadn’t listened to all the way through) had one of the seven bad words you can’t say on the radio (thanks, George Carlin) and I didn’t catch it on time… so I cut the song immediately.

The news didn’t go well either, as I was reading it from the NY Times and lost my place… I really don’t have a radio announcer voice for news.

So listen to John Case, whose radio voice is terrific, tomorrow morning and I’ll be on with him Friday.