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A personal note – I’m living in considerable fear…

Yesterday I had another seizure like the dozen or so I’ve had in the past three years. As I mentioned at the time of the accident 4 weeks ago that left me with broken ribs and shoulder blade and collarbone (and sent me to the hospital for close to a week), my fall down the stairs was caused by one of these seizures. My car accident which took away my right to drive was the result of another seizure four weeks before that.

The worst part of these seizures is that after blacking out (and falling or actually carrying out some activities), I remember nothing until I come out of it… maybe a few minutes later, but occasionally a much longer time. Those who have experienced seeing me in such a state have confirmed that I talk to them and often do things… something I have never had a memory of.

My fear now is that these seizures may start coming more frequently. I’ve been through a large number of medical tests with no results. One doctor thinks it might be epilepsy and a couple of weeks ago had me watch out and see if new seizures happened, even with prescribed medication. I’ll have to call her today and tell her it has happened… not something I look forward to.

Elly is afraid that I’ll have one while she is at work and that I will fall and hurt myself with ho one around. I fear that, too… but I’ve got to go on living somehow.

Actually, this blog is one of the things that keeps me going and for that I thank the several hundred readers who view it every day. Sorry I’ve spoken about it now… I’ll try to lay off in the future.

– Bill

Dr. Oz helps a woman confront her Phobia

Wow… can you believe it?!

Oh, Wait… it’s a doctored video… the original is at Dr. Oz’s site ( …she’s really afraid of spiders.

Watching The Tea Party Convention

C-Span has been running the videos from the Tea Party Convention in Nashville all night, and I started watching when I got up in the morning… and, believe me, this is scary stuff. I especially was taken by one Joseph Farah, who is the Founder, CEO and Editor In Chief of WorldNetDaily.

This is scathing stuff about the country’s move to Socialism over 90 or so years, the Marxist description of President Obama, and the focus on changing our underlying culture with its non-political organizations away from the socialist-leaning entities that, he says, they have become.

It is particularly frightening to me because Theatre is one of the areas (Entertainment Industry) that Farah fingers and encourages his followers to overcome.

He ties everything together with ACORN (which he seems to think is an openly Obama-operated organization) and uses that connection to attack the poor, the immigrant population, etc., with the notion of “turning make believe crises into real crises… and why?… to take away our freedom and the American Way of life.

Is it dangerous to have this stuff up on TV… even at 6 in the morning? You bet it is. But, if like me, you believe in free speech, which I don’t think Farah does, you have to let this crap go on. If you want to accept his notion that Obama is using Government to replace God for Americans (and here I will go beyond my own non-religion base), then you will see that he is calling for an Above The Government control of the population.

If you see, as he does, that our elected leaders are a judgment on us and that we have to find tea-party-related leaders to elect, then you are already removed from freedom.

Time to actively work against these monsters.

Waiting for the Blizzard…

OK… Friday morning and no snow yet. But they’ve already closed (or delayed) the schools and the grocery stores have been mobbed with people stocking up for the end of the world (I went to Martin’s yesterday afternoon, a really large store, and all 16 cash register spots were open with  long lines of people at all of them… on a THURSDAY!…I’ve never seen that before.)

I have an 8:30 AM appointment for a car inspection and with luck I’ll get everything over with before the snow starts.

Fear Itself…

When FDR said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” he could have been summing up what faces Americans today. The TV news networks are all pushing interviews with Senators and Congressmen (mostly Republicans) who tell us that the Christmas Eve flight bombing attempt, the shutting down of our Yemen Embassy (apparently not abandoned by cut off from any visitors), the killing of CIA people in Pakistan and other events and rumors of events are reasons not to close Gitmo and to increase military presence in…gosh, how many countries?…Yemen and other spots.

After watching all of the Adam Curtis documentary I put up yesterday it is clear that we are being sold nightmares to get us all riled up over uncountable numbers of Al Q’aeda operatives (of which there are probably very few.)

If we can avoid succumbing to fear and realize that these are political moves to keep us in our middle-class constraints, perhaps we can focus back on curing what’s wrong with our economy, our health care system, and so many other things.

We need to GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST. Period. We cannot afford to be the world’s bodyguard and we must realize that not everyone wants to be like us. If the do, they will pull it off themselves in an overwhelming manner (it’s about to happen in Iran without any of our help… just watch.)

Are You Nuts?

Fox News presented Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (retired) yesterday, who proposed a solution to future airline bombing attempts: strip search all Muslim males aged 18 to 28. The fact that we even consider such things is outrageous (although it does provide security for 17- and 30- year old terrorists) and it’s time we stopped making ourselves go looney over a bunch of international criminals.

So here he is:

I’m beginning to think retired Generals need a hobby to keep them off the air. Whittling duck decoys, perhaps.

Getting ready to defend myself from a government envisioned by Republicans…

I’m, of course, over sixty and only a couple of years away from Medicare. Because of this, I’m a target for the Repiglicans as they try to convince my generation that supporting a public health option will lead to a controlled early death.


This from a really conservative blog (no, I won’t link to it):

Rahm Emanuel’s brother, who is, unsurprisingly enough a “top health adviser” to Obama (”He has already been appointed to two key positions: health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget and a member of Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research.”), “believes that ‘communitarianism’ should guide decisions on who gets care. He says medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled, not given to those ‘who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens . . .’”

Like that?