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Sunday Farmer’s Market in Shepherdstown…

Since I am trapped in my recliner with my broken bones, Elly has already gone without me over to the Shepherdstown Farmers Market to buy our weekly supply of organic vegetables and field-raised meats that show up there. We are fortunate in our geographic area to have several farmers markets…  Saturday is the one at Morgan’s Grove and of course we also have them in Charles Town and Martinsburg and recently we saw signs for one one over in Hagerstown at the VFW Hall.

Our local farmers make a point of raising organic foods and for that we can be thankful. There are plenty of places in this country where organic foods are not available. Also, GMO foods are becoming more and more pervasive in our grocery stores. Thank you, Monsanto.

I hope you have great food available to you wherever you are. and I hope the organic food world expands everywhere. Support your farmers markets.

New GMOs Poised to Destroy Farmer’s Market Favorites

This article is from Rodale. The first couple of lines are below… then connect to the full story:

New GMOs threaten tomatoes and other garden staples.

By Leah Zerbe

Your tomatoes are under attack.

If approved, two new types of genetically engineered corn and soy crops will threaten some of America‘s favorite farm foods, including tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, squash, melons, pumpkins, green beans, grapes, and other farmer’s market and garden staples.

—> Read the rest HERE.

Peter Corum’s Plan for Morgan’s Grove Market…

Peter Corum

It was more than a free lunch at the Bavarian Inn today… It was Peter Corum and his team announcing the exciting plans for the Morgans Grove Market area that he started up last summer. This time the goal is to create an Agriculture/Arts/Community campus that will serve many interests locally and do it year round.

Peter called this a “Charette,” which Webster’s defines as:

a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions.

Represented were the architectural firm he has been consulting, various arts and

Participants speaking

humanities “businesses,” agriculture folks, local development people, etc. My wife represented Sustainable Shepherdstown.

Over the course of about two hours just about everyone in the room spoke, made suggestions, pointed out various organizational needs and, in general, gave Peter hands down support on the project.

A really good range of attendees

Now we’ll have to see what comes next with the local and county government, the state and

all the other committees which will get in the way (sort of like the solar LLC discussion we had the other night at Town Hall.)

Well… we support Peter and Under The LobsterScope will keep an eye on this project and report good or bad news to you.

Lunch, btw, was great.

Today is not working out as well as I wanted…Nobody at the Theatre!

So… I went over to Full Circle Theater and found it all locked up. And apparently my combination for the back door is old because it didn’t work. So I came over to the Mellow Mood to have a cup of coffee, check my e-mail, and wait an hour before going back to see if anyone has shown up.

The Mood is in a Saturday Afternoon, Good Weather, Busy Mode. Students, tourists, a couple of regulars and all the tables are now full. It’s a really pleasant day out and German Street (our downtown drag) is crawling with people. I ended up parking in the hidden space in the Alley in back that I discovered a couple of weeks ago… which will be available until the finish building the new Town Hall and the whole stretch where I am now becomes Employee Parking.

If the weather stays this good, Farmers’ Market tomorrow should be crowded as well. I suggested to Candi that she use Farmers’ Market as a venue for selling ACFF tickets… set up in front of the Library as many non-profits do when they have something to push. I didn’t hear from her on if she was going to do it (I would have volunteered to help her cover the event), so I don’t know if it will happen. Too bad.

Second Cup and still writing! Just called John Case and found out he recorded the radio spot for Thurber Carnival this morning with some of the cast and the Director and they were supposed to be over at the Theatre afterward… he was surprised that they were not. Maybe they took a late lunch break? After I finish this Cup o’ Joe I’ll go over and check once again. If they aren’t there I’ll go home.

Father’s Day

It’s a little after 2:00 in the afternoon on Father’s Day. Elly is over in Williamsport at Penny’s working on their garden, all my children are in California at Adam’s wedding (Adam is Penn and Cassandra’s half-brother and my son Bud’s roommate in DC), where it is three hours earlier.

Needless to say, I haven’t heard from any of my children yet. My two dog boys and my wife made sure I awoke to a card and a gift of pistachio nuts (yum). Maybe before the day is over my three kids (and my Mother, who is out there, too) will get together on the phone and make a Father’s Day Call. I assume they will at some point.

Meanwhile, I’m taking it easy. Elly and I made our Sunday morning visit to the Shepherdstown Farmer’s Market and had a stop at Mellow Moods. Not much happening in town today… and it is getting very hot outside, so it is much better to stay indoors where it is cool.

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to the Dad’s all over the place….