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80% 0f Antibiotics are Fed to Farm Animals – and it’s killing us!

Here’s something we should all be aware of (especially when we go food shopping):

I hope you signed the petition… and look for the label in the meat department that tells you your steak is from a cow raised without antibiotics.

As Thankgiving approaches, I’m reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals”…

…and I’m certainly glad my wife and I went Vegan a few weeks ago. I don’t know how anyyone can read this book and still want to eat chicken, or pork, or beef, or TURKEY… or even an egg.

Foer gets into the cruelty of Factory Farming (which is now 99% of all food-raising in America), the meaninglessness of words like “free range” or “fresh”, even a long discussion on why middle-class Americans couldn’t even THINK about eating their dogs (Nestle and Byron are lying on a couch staring at me as I write this… “When will we get our walk, Daddy?” say those big brown eyes.) His discussion goes from his own family background and his grandmother’s chicken and carrots (and her stockpiling of flour and other ingredients as a consequence of surviving the Holocaust) and continues into the cultural and social implications of being a vegetarian in a meat-eating society.

The writing is terrific… It would be worth reading even if you had NO interest in the ethics or morality of the subject. I’m going to sign off here and get back into the book… much more important as we approach Thanksgiving and get ready to bring our Tofurkey roast to my daughter’s house, where everyone else will be eating a turkey raised under frightening circumstances.

More later.