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Isn’t modern medical science grand?

Salon has a piece this morning for pregnant women entitled Don’t turn your womb into a “boom-boom room”. I’ll give you a clip here, but you might read the whole thing before exposing child-to-be to the Rolling Stones:
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Doctors warn against playing music to your unborn baby

Twenty years ago, back in the go-go 1990s, French ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Alfred Tomatis published his book “Pourquoi Mozart?” which claimed that playing music to your baby in utero could increase its IQ. Since then, making playlists for your fetus has become de rigueur, Web sites have sprung up debating whether listening to Mozart or Bach will make your baby smarter, and there’s been a deluge of prenatal audio equipment. You can buy headphones that fit around your belly or a CD compilation created specifically for little Jim-Bob’s still developing ears.

But, as it turns out, those “womb boxes” might be doing more harm than good — or, as the New York Post reports, “Doctors are now warning against the potential hazards of a mother turning her womb into a boom-boom room.”
Pediatrician Dr. David Cabbad at the Brooklyn Hospital Center notes that the piped-in tunes could hinder a babies’ sleep pattern.
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