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Education Break: The Story of Bottled Water

This is from the Story of Stuff series with Annie Leonard. Occasionally I run one of these at Under The LobsterScope. This is one I haven’t run before.

This is why Elly and I put a water filter onto the kitchen sink and no longer buy bottled water.

Once again we are in a “war”-like (after all, no Congressional declaration) situation where we misread our “friends”:

Coat of_arms of United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Here’s a change that has happened in only a few hours with our Arab allies:

5:48 a.m. Tuesday ET, 11:13 a.m. Tuesday in Libya] The United Arab Emirates said at least two aircraft squadrons are ready to be deployed within 48 hours to support the international mission in Libya, a military leader said.

But only a couple of hours later:

[8:43 a.m. Tuesday ET, 2:43 p.m. Tuesday in Libya] The United Arab Emirates had been prepared to send two aircraft squadrons to participate in the international effort to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, said Maj. Gen. (Staff) Pilot Khaled Abdullah Al-Buainnain – the former commander of the Emirates’ air force and air defense. However, he said, those plans have changed due to criticism by the United States and the European Union of the Gulf Cooperation Council‘s deployment of troops to help the monarchy stabilize Bahrain. The UAE has chosen not to take a military role in Libya until Washington and the European Union clarify their position on the use of troops in Bahrain, but it will contribute to the humanitarian effort in Libya, Al-Buainnain said.

I ask once again…why are we committing to more military action, which we can’t afford, with more “undeclared by Congress” war on countries that we are concerned with solely because they have oil (if we were really humanitarians we would be in the Ivory Coast and other countries)?

When is Congress going to quit fighting with each other and protect our economy and our people by directing the President to get us out of this crap (Constitutionally, it IS their function.) I am getting more and more depressed over the situation that lying politicians have gotten us into.