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We’re taking our Grandsons to the Washington Monument today…

Looks like the weather is going to let up for most of the day and we’ll be able to get a nice clear view from the top of the Washington Monument. We’re taking two of our Grandsons, John and Jason, and we’ll ne leaving in about an hour.

Our tickets (yest you need TICKETS… and you have to order them well in advance) are for 2 PM and we’ll probably have lunch and do a few other things whil we’re there.

I’ll get back to the blog tonight.

– Bill

Obama! A Modern U.S. President (musical spoof)

This spectacular piece from Ronnie Butler Jr:

Maureen has a remarkable 9/11 piece over at Whatever Works.

Here’s the start of it, but go to her blog to read the rest:
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Nine Eleven, Nine Years

Nine years since Al Quada took down the Twin Towers. Not a day any of us is likely to forget ever, especially if we were able to watch it happen in real time on teevee. I was in my office at the theatre that morning – no online live streaming then, at least not at my company – and at the first word, we all raced to a break room where there was a television. And we watched – about a dozen of us. And we didn’t speak. We just watched. Our building had by then  become a no-smoking building. But we smoked – for hours. No one said a word. About an hour after the second tower fell, we began going home. And didn’t come back for a few days except to staff the evening performances – the show always goes on. But during the day, no one came in. The phones had stopped ringing. The box office was silent. No one answered email. So we stayed home and watched New York and called friends and family.

Less than a month later, U.S. forces were in Afghanistan. And we have been there for eight years and 338 days. blog it

Read the rest HERE.

Note: I’d like to express a memory of Jim Hobin who died in the WTC on 9/11. Jim was my son Buddy’s Basketball Coach and he only went to the WTC on business every couple of months from our town of Marlborough, CT. It was the wrong day.


Pigeon Impossible

by Lucas Martell

I can’t help it… the snowstorm has taken out the satellite TV.