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And this from Trinlay Khadro: We should be THANKING Unions…

This was posted in The Political Carnival today from one of their readers:

Even if you’ve never been a member of a Union, YOU BENEFIT everyday from what Unions have done. Even if you’ve never had kids, called 911, needed the fire or police department: YOU BENEFIT from public workers.

got employer paid/sponsored benefits: like, health care/retirement plan? (even if you pay a share)
thank the Union
got a day or two off every week?
thank the Union
8 hr work day, and paid overtime?
Thank the Union
Workman’s Comp?
Thank the Union
A safe workplace?
Thank the Union
Got an employer who needs a REASON to fire you?
thank the Union
Unemployment benefits?
thank the Union.

This is not just about teachers, it’s about firemen, law enforcement, Ambulance drivers, EMTs… people who put themselves in danger to keep you safe, and protect society.
It’s about the public health nurses, National Guard, water treatment workers, electrical system workers, sewer workers, roads repair…

Do you want the electrical grid maintained by a minimum wage guy who *might* have finished high school ? Do you want a union certified roofer to fix your house, using the proper safety equipment (so he doesn’t sue you) and won’t make a mess of your roof, or are you OK paying the contractor’s Son-in-Law minimum wage to do the job?

Ever use the public health office to get your kid vaccinated? get health information? alerts about outbreaks in your area? That Public Health office, that nurse, the person that sends out the news release about out breaks of measles or influenza, or whooping cough in your town… that’s a public employee and someone protected by the union.

Drive on public roads, flush the toilet, have a driver’s license, use the city bus… all are public workers…

All these public workers, ALSO pay taxes, and usually make less than the would doing the same sort of job for a much higher wage.

IF their wages and benefits are an issue (in Wisconsin the “crisis” was CREATED by the new gov. giving perks to the cronies who got him elected… NOT the public employees)

IF the wages and benefits are an issue, NEGOTIATE, don’t break the unions, and then knock the employees who SERVE US ALL, down however it happens to be handy.