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I must have missed this over the Holidays…

…but it’s worth playing it now. I need some humor this afternoon.

Planet Greed is Doomed

A visitor from Planet We Are All One drops in to visit a citizen of Planet Greed. (By  War on Error)

Tony Awards Tonite…

Elly has gone off to New Jersey for a conference she is attending tomorrow and I’m left alone with the two dogs. However, tonite is also the Tony Awards, which I have been looking forward to for a couple of weeks now… it’s the only awards show I really like. Brings me back to my earlier life on- and off-Broadway (I’m 35 years or so away from it now… it seems like the life of a complete stranger at this point.)

Tomorrow I’ll post the winners as I have done every year since I started this blog. So, if you miss the Tony’s you can check back in here to get the results.