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Nestle, Byron (my dogs) and I agree with Bill Maher:

(Thanks to All Hat, No Cattle for putting this one up.)

The Power is Back! (9:00 AM)

We just finished a 13 hour power outage due, I am told, by a tree falling over a line down Uvilla Road.

Elly and I drove over to Charles Town to have breakfast (and COFFEE) at the Mountaintop Diner and came back to the lights being on (although the Potomac Edison trucks are still working on the lines around the corner from us.)

The wind and thunderstorms last night blew all kinds of things from Elly’s gardening around the yard and it will have to be picked up today… although it is getting up to near 90° outside… and there are more thunderstorms due later this afternoon.

Happy Memorial Day.

The Nativity Scene – Received from my sister…

My dogs, Nestle and Byron, are thrilled that dogs are included in the Christmas Story.

Merry Christmas

Elly and I are enjoying our Xmas morning, having slept late and now finishing our favorite holiday breakfast (adapted to our new Vegan status) of potatoes and “sausage”… and we are watching C-Span discuss favorite non-fiction books of the year with the call-in audience.

As usual during a holiday, there is no real political activity going on… at least not on television… but we will undoubtedly return to the lively discussion of the merger of the House and Senate bills and the extremes the Republicans will go to in order to (try to) kill it altogether.

We took most of yesterday visiting my Mother in Virginia and my daughter Penny and her sons in Maryland, and came home to our dogs who were VERY upset that they had spent the day without us. Today we spend a lot of time paying attention to them.

I hope all of you have a nice holiday. and drop in again. I don’t know what else I’ll be listing or discussing today, but there is likely to be something. Peace.


20° Outside… walking the dogs is going to be a near death experience.

It’s that time of the morning where I weigh the immediate need for a second cup of coffee against the immediate need of Nestle and Byron to go outside for a walk. We are now three days past the end of the big snow and it’s still out there close to 2 feet deep on the ground, only now the road and the cleared paths are icy and slippery.

Nestle watches me as I ponder the empty coffee cup in my hand while listening to Morning Joe on TV arguing with Senator Barbara Boxer over whether or not the Insurance companies are making out like bandits with he Health Care bill. He doesn’t give a dog’s damn about politics, but he sure wants to go out and pee on the snow (which, in its own way, is not much different from the politics we are experiencing in the split party era.)

As it turns out… as it usually does… Nestle and Byron win and I’m about to bundle up and head for the poorly plowed road (a recent series of complaint letters from our neighborhood association to the powers that be notwithstanding.)

Have a nice day.

It’s Puppy Mill Action Week…

We are in the Humane Society’s third annual Puppy Mill Action Week and here in West Virginia, where there are no Puppy Mill Regulation Laws (nor are there any in our neighbors, Virginia and Maryland… although our other neighbor, Pennsylvania, does regulate dog raising), I’m starting to get the word out.

Take a look at this:

The Humane Society estimates that there are approximately 10,000 puppy mills currently operating around the country. Many sell directly to the public, especially through the internet, disguised as small farm breeders.

One thing YOU can do is to encourage your local pet shop to join the Puppy Friendly Pet Store Initiative… you can get information on it here at the Humane Society’s web site.

Nestle and Byron (my doggies… one that we bought from a legitimate Connecticut breeder and the other that we rescued from a West Virginia shelter) and I hope you will get involved in this effort.

12 hours of dog chasing is over…

Our two dogs, Nestle and Byron, escaped last night when my daughter, Cassandra, who is in from Connecticut, accidentally left the front door too far ajar when loading her car. That’s when it began.

Three hours later, I found Nestle, the older of the two (10), about a half mile away and across trafficked streets, wandering in an overgrown field. I got him to come to my car and get in… he likes rides and, frankly, he was very tired of running.

Nestle and Byron in quiter moodsByron, on the other hand, had completely disappeared and I drove the neighborhood and surrounds until it was too dark to see. I left the gate to the back yard open, hoping he might come up on the deck in the morning (it’s where he eats), but he didn’t.

At 6 am I heard barking outside and it was Byron bothering another dog being walked on a leash… When I got to my front door (in my bathrobe) he was standing there… but he wouldn’t come in. I bent down to grab his collar and Nestle rushed between my legs and they were both off again.

I got dressed… got into the car, and drove around until I saw them… but they ignored my calls and kept running in the opposite direction. Finally Nestle, who tires out quicker, appeared alone. He walked toward me, but when I got out of the car he ran the other way. So I got in the car and slowly drove in the opposite direction. He followed at a slow walk. When I stopped the car, he stopped. So I went a little farther, and he walked slowly behind. Then I stopped the car and opened the side door. Nestle got in.

That was one.

I got Nestle back into the house and looked out the windows for Byron again, No sign of him. So Nestle and I had breakfast.

While having coffee, I heard barking outside… and it was Byron bothering a guy walking his dog… so I went outside again, but Byron saw me coming and backed off. I walked back toward the house… but Byron was bothering the walking dog again. I called out to the guy walking his dog that he should try to grab Byron’s collar.

His second attempt succeeded. I walked over and dragged Byron back to the house… he didn’t want to come in. I finally lifted him up and got him into the door.

Byron didn’t want to eat… who knows what he was eating through the night? He went up to our bedroom where Elly was still asleep and curled up on the floor.

That’s where he’s been for the last hour or so… and I’m exhausted.