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I’m in Manassas, Virginia

My Mother is getting taken out by my sister tomorrow (Mother’s day) so I came down to her house to have dinner with her and my son Bud today.

Pleasant ride down, but it looked like the traffic going the opposite way was horrible. Lot’s of road accidents causing miles of lineups. I’m going back on another route.

Anyway, I’ll update the blog when I get back to Shepherdstown.

A Sunday Vegan Cooking Experiment

I’ll admit, as a newly minted Vegan, I’m not looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. As usual, we are going over to my daughter Penny’s house where she applies the Restaurant training she had at Cornell to dinner (she’s a great cook) and especially to a large Turkey.

Elly and I debated on whether we could get through the dinner by just eating the veggies and were getting even more worried about breaking the pledge. Then, in my reading, I came across an article on Tofurky, a tofu-based turkey substitute stuffed with wild rice and with a vegan gravy.

p_recipes_tofurkyfeastYou can buy a Tofurky Feast, which is quite large and comes with some extras like dumplings and Tofurky strips for nibbling. Or you can just by the smaller, dinner for 2 Tofurkey roast. So, today I am experimenting with that size, surrounding it as it roasts with carrots, potatoes and onions as it says to do on the package directions.

If we like this, we’ll make the Tofurky Feast and bring it along to Penny’s on Thanksgiving Day.

Just an hour to go… then I’ll whip up the gravy and we try it out. Fingers crossed.

(Tofurky is a registered trademark of Turtle Island Foods in Oregon)



The Tofurky is terrific! Best Sunday Dinner we’ve had in a long time. My wife and I are now planning other ways we can serve this wonderful stuff.

If you get a chance to try it let me know what you think of it.