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Diet Report

It’s been a while since I reported on my weight loss progress.

Well, I’m down 42 pounds and pushing to 45… hopefully by the end of the first week in August. I’m at the last hole in my belt for the buckle to grab… I’ll have to punch a couple more holes in it so my pants don’t fall off.

The picture above makes me realize how much further there is to go.

Avoiding Dairy

Since I became a Vegan last November, I have had absolutely no dairy products. You would think that was disappointing as I looked at the great dairy products around me, but I’m actually quite happy, well-off, and close to 30 pounds lighter (120 to go).

Check this out from Dr. Mark Hyman (who also blasts the Food Pyramid):

OK? Get out there now and try avoiding dairy. It will help you immensely.

Changing a lifestyle is very interesting…

My readers know that last week my wife and I started eating a Vegan diet, but it is now becoming a more interesting prospect since she received a bunch of books she ordered from Amazon. There were some cookbooks to give us new things to try, which I appreciated since I do a lot of our cooking, and a heavy volume called “The China Study,” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II. Dr. Campbell comes from decades of scientific research at Cornell, MIT and other institutions and he published this book three years ago. If I had read it then, I would have most likely started this Vegan program much sooner.

I won’t get into the depth of research in this book, but I will say there are hundreds of scientifically proven and published sources here which contradict most of the popular diet plans that I have been addicted to most of my overweight life. Ostensibly, he shows why the basic American diet, especially as it regards protein from meat and large quantities of milk products, not only promotes weight but also heart disease, mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes (which I have developed) and many more things which lead to shortened lifetimes.

Campbell gets into the advantages of replacing an animal protein based diet with a plant based diet as a way of promoting health and reversing some diseases (including diabetes, which he has significant documentation on). As time goes by I’ll keep you updated on things I’ve learned here, and I’d appreciate your comments, too. So many people have done this before me and I have a lot to learn.

A word about food choices…

My wife has decided to become a Vegan (which, if you don’t now, is someone who eats NO animal products, including milk and cheese, at all.) As it happens in our house, it is easier for us both to eat the same way than it is to buck the system, so, after finishing my assignment to eat the cheeses and stuff that are lef in our refrigerator, I’ll be a Vegan, too. This requires some research, since I do most f the food shopping in our house. So I have posted a new listing in the Reform Agenda section of my Blogroll, VegFamily, which is a very good site I found while nosing around. It has all kinds of articles, plus recipes which I can use.

So, now I’m thinking about how this is going to affect my ongoing search for weight loss. And it looks like it will be a good move. There is enough documentation to show that weight should go down on a normal Vegan diet and many diabetics who become Vegans eventually start seeing some of their symptoms reverse. That would really be nice.

I’m having a cup of cream free coffee and watching Morning Meeting on MSNBC when they come out with an announcement that Coca Cola is releasing a new product, 8 oz cans of Coke in 8-pack containers that have only 90 calories a can (I guess a regular can which holds twice as much has 180 calories). They are marketing this as a way to get the energy from Coca Cola without drinking as much, thus fighting the National Obesity Epidemic. One of the commentators on the show said that the eight-pack would be convenient since he would now have two cans with his lunch.

So much for health.

Onward and upward.