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Saturday Morning

I was battling an oncoming cold yesterday and, thanks to NyQuil, I slept off the sneezing and itchy eyes. This morning I feel a lot better. Getting up at 6:00 AM on Saturday is a little earlier than I’d like… so I’m watching Freddie Bartholomew play David Copperfield on Turner Classic Movies… something I haven’t seen in quite a while.

Seeing Basil Rathbone, a young Arthur Treacher (in a tiny, uncredited, evil cameo), W.C. Fields and Elsa Lanchester is delightful. Lenox Pawle’s Mr. Wick is more fun than I remembered. Easily, the weakest of the players is young Freddie himself… but he is not hard to put up with.

And the cry “Janet! Donkeys!” from Edna May Oliver rings in my ears.

Good Morning, folks.