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Football Player and Film Star Alex Karras Dead at 77…

Former football great Alex Karras, died yesterday at age 77 after battling kidney failure, cancer and dementia. He was able to successfully transition from a career as a pro athelete to a successful career as an actor and Hollywood personality.

He appeared in a series of guest shots on such series as “Daniel Boone” and “Love, American Style,” but it was when his appearance as the lumbering bad guy Mongo in Mel Brooks‘ “Blazing Saddles” that his star really took off.

He capitalized on his engaging personality with a run as a panelist on “Match Game ’75,” which was memorable for his run-in with Transylvanian female wrestler Lola Kiss.


And one more down… Fess Parker dead at 85

Boy, we’re losing all the innovators I grew up with. Fess Parker died today at 85. To most of us he was Davy Crockett and later Daniel Boone.

A guy we always thought of in a Coonskin Cap (you had a coonskin cap, didn’t you? I did.) And he sang, too. Here’s a sample:

When he finished Boone he left acting and became a successful Santa Barbara hotel developer and Santa Ynez Valley winery owner.