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What happens if the Republicans win on Tuesday.

While you are thinking about voting or not, here’s a fragment of an article in OpEdNews by Mary Shaw:

In coming full circle, we seem to have taken a huge step back. It’s no wonder that so many Democrats are feeling broken and bitter.

And it’s no wonder that so many Democrats are throwing up their hands and threatening to stay home on November 2. No wonder they don’t want to vote for the Democrats they feel have let them down.

But the stakes are too high to sit back and lick our wounds. The stakes are too high to refuse to fight the greater threat.

For example:

If the Republican wins the Senate race in Pennsylvania, we in the Keystone State will be represented by Pat Toomey, who is more extremely conservative than Rick Santorum, whom we voted out of office in 2006. According to the ToomeyWatch website, “Toomey’s lifetime score with the American Conservative Union is a stunning 97%, while Santorum’s lifetime score is only 88%.”

If the Republican wins the Senate race in California, they will be represented by Carly Fiorina who, as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, shipped thousands of jobs overseas while tripling her own salary.

If the Republican wins the Senate race in Alaska, we’ll have Joe Miller in Washington, who would vote to repeal the 2010 health care legislation; wants to phase out Social Security and Medicare; believes that evidence of global warming is “dubious at best“; and opposes abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. Also, Miller recently handcuffed a reporter who asked a question he didn’t want to answer.

If the Republicans win the Senate race in Kentucky, they will be represented by Rand Paul, of Aqua Buddha fame, who isn’t entirely comfortable with the Civil Rights Act.

If the Republican wins the Senate race in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell will be casting her spells from our nation’s capital.

If the Republican wins the Senate race in Nevada, it gets even more weird and worrisome. If Republicans win this election in Nevada, they will be represented by Sharron Angle, who likened Social Security to welfare, and who suggested “Second Amendment remedies” if the elections don’t turn out as the tea partiers would hope.

If the Republicans win enough of the less highly publicized House races throughout this nation, the Democrats could lose its majority on that side of Congress, likely rendering the House as incapable of productive work as the Senate has been in the past two years

Read the rest HERE.

I’d like to take a moment to talk with all my friends around the country who haven’t decided if they will vote this year…

Quite frankly, there is not much of a choice here: if you don’t vote, you will condemn us to changes in our country that will be hard to live with and harder to overcome in the future.

For instance, Republican Senate candidates Linda McMahon in Connecticut, Rand Paul in Kentucky, John Raese in West Virginia, and Dino Rossi in Washington have all pledged to roll back or eliminate the minimum wage.

Sharron Angle in Nevada, Ken Buck in Colorado, and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania have all talked about privatizing Social Security — or eliminating it altogether.

Twenty of this year’s Republican candidates for the Senate have been asked about climate change, and 19 of them have said that the science is wrong.

Taking stances this extreme has serious consequences. However, Pat Toomey is slipping in Pennsylvania; In Wisconsin, Ron Johnson is losing ground; Raese, Paul, and Buck are running out of steam. If you get out and vote, either in early voting this week or on November 2nd, you will have the effect of helping the progressive force in Congress solve the real problems made in the eight years of the Bush Administration.

So PLEASE VOTE. And encourage your friends to vote. And, if you have the time, send out e-mail or make phone calls to get folks to vote.

You won’t regret it.

Democrat Running for Bunning’s Senate Seat in Kentucky

This p0st from Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway was in this morning’s HuffPo. Here it is in its entirety:

Kentucky Needs a New Voice in Washington

When George Bush took a $236 billion surplus and turned into a $1.3 trillion deficit, Jim Bunning voted with him again and again.

When Bush and the Republican Congress ran up the national debt to eight trillion dollars, Bunning went along.

Why is it that only now, when unemployment benefits for millions of Americans are on the line, Jim Bunning has decided to have a temper tantrum on the floor of the U.S. Senate?

It is the worst kind of political grandstanding.

I am sending Senator Bunning a petition signed by myself and hundreds of my fellow Kentuckians, asking him to stop the political games and do the work of the American people. These are tough economic times and he’s playing with people’s lives.

Stand with me to tell Jim Bunning to stop playing politics with the help working families need.

We’ve seen way too much of this kind of this kind of obstruction and gridlock in Washington. Most politicians act like they don’t work for the people anymore. It is especially unfortunate that Kentucky families may suffer at the hands of their own retiring junior senator. I share the frustration of so many citizens across the Commonwealth who feel that Kentuckians deserve better representation.

Yet Republican senatorial candidates Rand Paul and Trey Grayson have sided with Jim Bunning and against Kentucky families. By opposing the renewal of benefits, they have promised to continue more of the same old politics that aren’t helping working families in the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky needs a new voice in Washington — a voice that puts workers and families first. That is why I am running for United States Senate to create jobs, cut the deficit, and bring accountability to Washington. As attorney general, I’ve saved money for taxpayers by taking on waste, fraud and abuse and protected consumers from price gouging by big oil and pharmaceutical companies. As United States senator, I will continue to stand up for Kentucky families.

We sent a strong message today telling Jim Bunning that the people of Kentucky must come before politics as usual. I invite all Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to join our cause. By standing up and speaking out, we can end the gridlock and make Washington work for us.