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I needed something to laugh at this afternoon… so here it is:

From Conan’s show: Jack McBrayer (Kenneth on 30 Rock) & Triumph The Comic Insult Dog Visit Chicago’s Weiner’s Circle (a famous site of vulgar insults.)

You’ll get a kick out of this (language not safe for prudes.)

Funniest Quote of the Day (from All Hat, No Cattle)

“As of today, Rick Santorum will be assigned Secret Service agents. This is the first time Santorum has agreed to use any kind of protection.”

–Conan O’Brien

If all we had was a funny line a day, we might get through all this crap. Thanks, Conan.

Conan O’Brien

Elly and I are watching 60 Minutes tonite to hear Conan O’Brien tell his side of his conflict with NBC… this is the first day he could do so on television do to his previous NBC contract arrangement.

He’s been touring the country with a live show (“Prohibited From Being Funny On Television”) in the meantime and soon he will be in the 11:00 PM slot on TBS, coming on 1/2 hour before Leno.

So I’m settling in with a nice glass of seltzer sweetened with berry flavored Stevia drops, ready to hear Conan tell his story. After hearing Leno bomb on the White House Press Club dinner, this should be an up.

Conan O’Brien Cuts a Deal with TBS – He’ll be back in the 11PM slot.

Cheers! Conan’s Back in November!
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Score one more for Team Coco. The day his “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television” tour premieres, Conan announces that he has signed a deal for a late night show on TBS to begin in November of this year. The announcement has been met with mixed reactions: excitement that he’s finally got a return to TV inked, skepticism that the deal is on a cable network that isn’t Comedy Central, disdain that his show may not be available to international markets or those without basic cable packages, sadness that he’s taken a step down from network television to cable.

But this was a shrewd move for the Coco camp. Though the TBS move was a shocker – much of the speculation was that Fox would eventually get over its affiliate problems and offer O’Brien an 11pm slot – it actually makes a lot of sense and will be a boon for Conan. Here’s why:

Overall, new, crazy things are coming down the TBS pipeline. Get excited, everyone – November can’t come soon enough!

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No Conan to watch this week

It’s unfortunate that I don’t have Conan O’Brien to watch this week… and even if he makes a deal with another network it won’t be until next September according to his agreement with NBC, the world’s dumbest network.

I don’t really like Leno… but at least there’s Letterman, followed by Craig Ferguson. That makes up a decent late evening.

Somehow, I think Conan won in the competition that went on for the last couple of weeks, and not just because of the $40,000,000.00 deal. If he goes to Fox or somewhere else in September, he’ll take a lot of us with him.

  • (Cartoon  copyright: Joseph Borzotta, for use, call: 201-981-2395)


UPDATE: Tuesday morning. Just to make a correction. There is no NEW Conan to watch. Last night they showed a rerun from August. I guess this will go on until March 1.

Conan is the Ratings Champ Right Now…

According to Salon:

“His manager, Gavin Polone, on Saturday compared it to when Leno, trailing Letterman in the ratings in the mid-1990s, drew attention for the memorable appearance of Hugh Grant after his arrest. Leno passed Letterman in popularity and never looked back.”

Here’s a clip from the article:

clipped from
Conan O’Brien’s battle with his network certainly hasn’t hurt his ratings.
With his jabs at NBC network executives apparently resonating in a country filled with the unemployed, viewership has soared.
O’Brien’s ratings have been rising through the week, which was an extraordinary one in late-night television and saw O’Brien and David Letterman hurling barbed remarks at Jay Leno, and Leno firing back.
“Tonight” ratings Friday were 50 percent higher than they’ve been this season, and O’Brien beat CBS’ Letterman, according to a preliminary Nielsen Co. estimate based on large markets. In the 18-to-49-year-old demographic that NBC relies on to set advertising prices, O’Brien even beat Leno’s prime-time show.
“People who never watched Conan before are saying, ‘I’ll try it,'” Polone said. “Now they’re saying, ‘this is good, I’ll stick with it.'”
It’s doubtful they’ll get the chance.
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Quote of the Day

“And I just want to say to the kids out there watching: You can do anything you want in life… Unless Jay Leno wants to do it, too.”

– Conan O’Brien

Do you get the sense that Conan and Jay are at odds?

Variety just broke this news from Conan O’Brien…

… He’s not willing to move the Tonight Show to 12:05. Here’s a clip from the longer article which just came out this afternoon:
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Conan to NBC: Drop Dead

O’Brien, who has kept his lips sealed so far over NBC’s decision to bump his show to midnight , other than cracking wise about it on “The Tonight Show” , is going public. And he’s not happy.

In a lengthy statement addressed tongue-in-cheek to the “people of earth,” O’Brien said he could not “participate in what I honestly believe is its destruction. The ‘Tonight Show’ at 12:05 simply isn’t the ‘Tonight Show.'”

While NBC may argue that it hadn’t breached O’Brien’s contract , he is, in their mind, still the host of the “Tonight Show,” just at a different time , O’Brien will likely argue that the “Tonight Show” is whatever airs at 11:35 p.m. on NBC.

In other words, you can dress O’Brien’s show up and call it the “Tonight Show” , but with former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno back at 11:35, it’s a hollow title.

Such a semantic argument could make a huge difference as NBC and O’Brien potentially head into negotiations.

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