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Looks like Virginia could go for Obama…thanks to women!

According to TPM, Obama Surges In The Commonwealth:

President Barack Obama’s 2008 triumph in Virginia was widely attributed to a well-orchestrated campaign that mobilized large swaths of voters, even in reliably conservative areas. Four years later, it’s growing support among women that’s giving the president momentum in the Commonwealth — and according to some observers, he can thank the Republican party’s revival of the culture wars for powering his re-election bid there.

Democrats believe that the GOP’s tactics have handed Obama a firewall, which might allow the president to weather a potential dip in enthusiasm among minority and exurban voters. One Democratic strategist in Virginia set an extremely lofty threshold for the eventual Republican presidential nominee. “If Republicans can’t hold at least 45 percent of suburban women, they’ll just get killed,” the strategist told TPM.

That might be a daunting task for a party embroiled in what Democrats are labeling a “war on women.”


Many of us thought we would be giving Virginia away after the election of a Repub governor in 2009, but since the numerous anti-abortion strategies which directly attack women, the current state leadership seems to have fallen out of favor among women.

It remains to be seen how Repubs will get them back.