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Sometimes Television Shows Become As Close As Family…

Pilot (Bones)

NOTE: If you are a Bones fan who missed last nignt’s show, The Hole In The Heart, but are planning to see it next week on the TNT rerun, I suggest you skip over this post or it will blow the show’s surprise to smithereens…




OK? Everybody else read on…

I spent the day today (wow, Friday the 13th, too) still very sad about last night’s episode of Bones. You may recall that Booth‘s ongoing enemy, Broadsky, with whom he had once served as a military sniper, has been continuing to assassinate the people he determines to be “bad”… without a trial or anything. Since Booth had pledged to stop him, Booth and all his friends were now on Broadsky’s enemy list.

The producers of the show put out hints a couple of weeks ago that a regular character, one that we were all very fond of, was going to die in this episode.  Rumors were circulated that it was likely to be Sweets, the young psychiatrist who spent a great deal of time analyzing the relationship between Booth and Brennen.

Of course, it could have been anyone on the show, and they made sure to set up scenes where every major character was clearly in Broadsky’s crosshairs.

Imagine how I felt (how everyone felt) when Vincent Nigel-Murray (more formally referred to as “Mr. Nigel-Murray” by one and all) was shot in the heart while inside the Jeffersonian with Cam, Booth and Bones. Mr. Nigel-Murray, with his statistics and facts that he spewed out as a nervous reaction to the things he was investigating, was my favorite of the Interns who worked with the investigative team. To think he won’t be on every third episode or thereabouts is depressing.

They are saying that the surprise of next week’s show is going to be even

Now I have to worry about House.

An analysis of humor…

I just read a great article called “The Dead Chipmunk – An Interrogation Into the Mechanisms of Jokes” by Chris Bachelder in the February issue of The Believer.  It is too long to reproduce here… but you should go to THE BELIEVER and read it, especially if you are into the creation of funny stuff.

Find out why the “Twentieth Century staggers toward its close in a blizzard of one-liners,” as Donald Barthelme said.

– Bill

At the Food CoOp…

I’m down in Frederick, MD, at the Common Market Food CoOp (where seniors get a 5% discount on Wednesdays), having lunch before I shop the grocery list Elly and I put together this morning. Traffic coming in was extremely heavy as soon as I got off the highway, so I guess I’m in the Christmas shopping rush… although Common Market is not as busy as the roads. I may do a little more stocking stuffer shopping while I’m down here, but this kind of crowd situation is something I usually avoid.

There are things here I just can’t get in Shepherdstown… like the locally grown beets that I really like, and a wide range of organic bulk foods, flours and nuts. The prices are usually pretty good, too, given the fact that organic foods at our supermarket level at home are always priced higher than the chemically contaminated stuff. This and the 5% discount makes it worthwhile to come down here on a Wednesday… usually something I do once a month on Social Security payout day (like today).

This is a very relaxed shopping environment, which makes it all the more enjoyable. It allows me time to look around and think about trying new things. This is where we first discovered the flavored stevia drops which, with straight seltzer, has replaced sugar/flavored sodas in our diet (also great for adding extra flavor to coffee or tea.)

While I was driving down I played a few Bob & Ray tapes that I haven’t listened to in a long time.  Here we had two extremely funny guys who never had to use bad language or violent subject matter, but created amazing humor from ordinary situations. Al Franken has noted many times how Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding influenced his comedy writing and performing back in his SNL days… and I know they influenced a lot of other major performers (including their own decendants) as well.

One of the things it made me think of was looking into the possibility of buying rights to do a community theatre presentation of Bob & Ray skits… and do it like a radio show with a sound effects guy and microphones. I’d have to find two really talented guys who could do the kind of low-key stuff that B&R did.

OK, Lunch is over… time to go shopping and get back home.

John Cleese on Creativity…

Yes, it is a lecture… but it is entertaining and you will learn from it (especially if you are a writer, designer or any kind of creative person.)

(thanks to the StevenHartSite for putting me onto this.)

Lets hear it for Jack Black as “The Mis-Informant”

Tired of hearing our Health Care laws decried as “Obamacare” and criticized without fact or reason? Somebody has to show how the Republicans do it… and Jack Black is the one:

Here’s Part 1:

Here’s Part 2:

…and if you want to know more, go to

A project by Health Care for America Now
Starring: Jack Black, America Ferrera and Caitlin Carmichael
Project Founder: Gloria Bremer

Directed by Jeremy Konner
Executive Producers: Gloria Bremer and Health Care for America Now
Produced by Andrew Epstein & Barrett J. Klausman
Co-Executive Producer: Diane Keefe
Co-Producers– Sarah May Bates, JD Ryznar, Drew Hancock

Edited by Tim Nackashi and Jeremy Konner
Casting by Leslie Woo

Special Thanks to Michael Bacall, Ben Cooley, James Atkinson, Peter Karinen,
Brian Sacca and Simon Helberg

Jack Black – Nathan Spewman
America Ferrera – Childrens Teacher
Caitlin Carmichael – Bethany
Connor Gibbs – Mark/Marty
Kristen Sartisian – Drawing Girl
Ann Caimi – Playground Teacher
Keith Jackson – Fireman
Barrett J. Klausman – Fireman
Kyle Templin – Billionaire
Coco Grayson -Kid
Asher Nee- Kid

Afternoon Humor: Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Thanks to Sandy Underpants at The Aristocrats:

Had enough? How about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls…

Greg Giraldo – Dead at 44

The Last Comic Standing judge, frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show and Comedy Central fixture was a Columbia and Harvard Law School-educated attorney who became a master of insult comedy. He died at age 44, four days after an accidental overdose of prescription medication.

Ricky Gervais on Atheism…

I found this when I was searching YouTube for Mosque comments, of all things.

Now I know why I like Ricky Gervais so much…

Best quote:

“if there is a God, why did He make me an atheist?”

Some fun for a Saturday Morning with Elon James White

This Week in Blackness, from the Brooklyn Comedy Company, takes on the word “Negro”.

If you didn’t see Jon Stewart imitate Glenn Beck last night…

… you missed a comic masterpiece.

Go HERE to see it. Thank me later.

BTW… I’ve added an entertainment site to the list on the side.

Just because it makes me laugh my head off, I’ve added Sam Hoffman’s brilliant site Old Jews Telling Jokes under the new category “strictly for entertainment.”

This is the Second Season and it will have you rolling on the floor whether you’re Jewish or not (I’m not… but my wife is).

Have a good time.