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John Cleese on Creativity…

Yes, it is a lecture… but it is entertaining and you will learn from it (especially if you are a writer, designer or any kind of creative person.)

(thanks to the StevenHartSite for putting me onto this.)

I am so impressed with Eddie Izzard…

… who has run 43 marathons in seven weeks for charity. He trained for a mere five weeks and as far as I can tell did NOT run the marathons in drag. Izzard is 47 years old, not the age when you think of running 1100 miles (1700 kilometers) around England.

After finishing the last marathon (which he notified us Twitterers that it would be the last) he said: “I feel dead.”

Here’s some of the BBC coverage that was following him:

Eddie is also the

Quote of the Day:

“I am in agony… but GOOD agony.”