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David Broder, Political Journalist and Pundit, Dies at 81

Sorry to see this in the Washington Post this morning, but David Broder has died of complications from diabetes in Arlington Virginia this past Wednesday. He was 81 and considered by many to be the Dean of Washington Political Journalists. His last column appeared on February 6th.

Broder’s career spanned 11 Presidential administrations and he appeared on Meet The Press more than any other journalist, a record which is not likely to be beaten soon. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his commentaries on the Nixon re-election.

Farewell David Broder.

William Safire has Died at Age 79

Conservative Columnist and former White House Speech Writer has died of cancer in a Maryland hospice. He wrote a NY Times column for 30 years and, during the Nixon Administration, coined Spiro Agnew’s famous phrase: “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

Safire made a specialty of analyzing the correct use of the English language, and in more than 3000 columns and 15 books he had plenty of opportunity to show off his craft.

I never agreed with his point of view, but I must say I admired his weight and staying power in journalism.

Army Archerd Dies

army archerdHe was 87 and had chronicled Hollywood in the press and on the radio for fifty years, and now he has died of mesothelioma, thought to be a result of his exposure to asbestos in WWII.

For 47 years he was the official greeter on the red carpet for the Academy Awards. Variety, where he wrote a column since 1955 (he started writing for the AP in 1945) cited his way of taking a stand on “hot button issues”, such as his comment on Elia Kazan’s honorary Oscar in 1999:

“I, for one, will not be giving him a standing ovation.”

… said Archerd, remembering how Kazan had testified before Congress in the era of red-baiting.

Archerd launched his blog on Sept. 21, 2005. His last blog post was on July 27, 2009.