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Big Coffee Drinking Men are Avoiding Prostate Cancer…

From the LA Times:

A Harvard School of Public Health study of nearly 48,000 men found that those who drank more than six cups of coffee per day had a 60% reduced risk of developing lethal prostate cancer compared with nondrinkers.

The reduction in lethal prostate cancer risk was similar between decaf and regular coffee drinkers. Thus, the researchers conclude, caffeine isn’t the wonder element — good news for those who already consume far too much caffeine (you know who you are).

The results were published online Tuesday in the “Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

The researchers write in the discussion of their paper:

“An association between coffee and lower risk of advanced prostate cancer is biologically plausible. Coffee improves glucose metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and affects sex hormone levels, all of which play roles in prostate cancer progression.”

OK… I’m back on the coffee binge!

Wednesday Morning Entertainment: Cleary and Harding “We No Speak Americano”

My Cousin Bob turned me onto this… it’s called “hand dancing” and it’s brilliant (they’ve also made a (brief) McDonald’s coffee commercial.

Now go back to work.

I’m having a cup of coffee at Mellow Moods post radio show…

John and I had Karen Valentine and Laurel Parker from Source, the new inter-cooperative business on Princess Street in Shepherdstown. A little political and VERRRY local (pushing hard at “buy local” for as many things as you can), they have established themselves as a recycling source (where else can you bring your dead batteries and old panty-hose around here) and a sales area for local crafters, farmers, soapmakers and others.

They are having an opening blast on Sunday at 3:00 and I expect that Elly and I will get there for it. Hope you can, too.

John couldn’t make it to the Mood today, but I needed to say hi to Phil and friends and have a cup of coffee with everyone. Then I’ll get home and work on cleaning the junk out of the cellar.

For your morning entertainment…

“The Coffee Wars” by Kill The Lobster:

After the radio show and we’re having coffee at Mellow Moods…

John Case and I are enjoying our post-show coffee over on German Street as we watch Phil work like a demon to service his customers (including getting our two bagels toasted). Right now none of his help are around and he is working like a mad man… impressive!

Today I’m finishing up my search for a sale of my dead car for parts. So far the best offer is at Brown’s for $200.00… I’m still hoping that one more guy who is looking for an Echo motor might come through and buy the car to retrofit. I gave him two days and this is the third, so I’ll call him. Whatever I get from the parts goes into paying for Linda Bartash’s Subaru.

Tonite starts the second and final weekend of Thurber Carnival… John says their brushup rehearsal was pretty good last night. I skipped it… the director said she didn’t need lights for the rehearsal. Just as well, since I was exhausted last night. Maybe we’ll have some audience, too. Full Circle does a really bad job of promoting shows and a 10 or 12 person audience in a 90 seat house is not unusual. We hit 30 on  the Sunday matinee last week and that was the best house so far.

OK…have a great Friday. The rain has stopped here and the sun is out…first time in a couple of days…and I want to enjoy it.

Another medical test this morning…

I’m killing time in Hagerstown at the Higher Ground Coffee Shop, sipping my coffee while I wait before going to Dr. Khan’s office. I have a “legs and toes” test this morning…don’t ask, I don’t know, something to do with mu diabetes and my nerves…and I had to borrow Elly’s car to get there. To do that, I had to drop her off at work at 8:30, 2 hours before my Dr.’s appointment. Therefore I pick a coffee shop with a WiFi hookup.

This afternoon I’m working on getting some money for parts from my dead car… money I can put into Linda’s Subaru. I’ll start with Brown’s, since one of the guys there said he had someone who might be interested. I’m not sure how much I trust them, though… they could have found my car dead when it overheated two weeks before and I spent over $1200.00 on having a radiator put in and other parts. Shepherdstown is a small area, though, and I don’t have access to a lot here, so I’ll have to give them a shot.

Oops… just about 10:00 AM… time to get out of here……

Over at Mellow Moods setting up for broadcast…

…well, actually, John is setting up for broadcast… he knows how this all goes together, I don’t.

Phil is running around his little coffee shop like crazy setting up for his morning business…none of his employees are here yet. He’s putting out the coffee containers where we squirt our own fresh brew into his cups. Fresh coffee is the morning delight over here.

Customers are starting to come into the Mood and John has to run back to the station to get a multi-plug jack for the headsets. I guess I’ll be broadcasting while he tests the feed over there.

OK…show’s on…more later.

Radio Show’s over and we’re having coffee at Mellow Moods…

John Case and I are sitting here planning next Wednesday morning when we’ll actually be broadcasting from the Mellow Moods Cafe. This is the first time we’ve attempted a location  broadcast (although John used to do them some years ago from the Lost Dog… another coffee shop down German Street.)

We’ll bring an extra mike so we can interview folks here… but we don’t really know who will be on the list (except Mellow Moods’ Phil).

So tune in to WSHC 89.7 FM next Wednesday morning from 7:30 to 9:00 AM and listen in.

Inventions We Didn’t Need – Le Whif

Now we know what all the money spent at Harvard comes up with: Le Whif…”breathable caffeine”.

Ready to run out and buy an 8 whiff stick? Somebody said that finally they have solved the problem of coffee being wet.