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Funny Line of the Day:

Chris Matthews commented on Michelle Bachman being put on the Intelligence Committee:

“I wonder what the rules are for getting on that committee? Pretty lenient, I guess.”

The Republicans are working overtime to try to keep Pelosi from being the Minority Leader…

…as I heard while listening to Congressman Anthony Weiner on Chris Matthews a few minutes ago. For some reason, Chris Matthews is pushing the idea that Nancy wants the leadership so that Steny Hoyer can’t get it. What?

The reason why Republicans are working to have Nancy Pelosi de-powered is because they are AFRAID of her.

And well they should be. She has a major support base, she gets things done, and she will prevent Republicans now in the majority from getting things they want through. She is smart, has been Minority Leader before, and she knows all the tricks. The sweating and crying John Boehner must be sweating and crying even more.

I know she has my support!

The “Poster Boy of Close Campaigns” gives a hell of a speech…

Al Franken last week in Minnesota… and why we don’t give up when the pollsters and Chris Matthews and everyone else does in the last 6 days before the election…