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I’m sitting at home, trapped without my car…

Last night, coming home from Charles Town, my car with a load of groceries and me died at the Engle Switch Rd railroad crossing, while waiting for an awfully long train to pass.

I managed to roll it off the road to the side, then proceeded on the unimagineably complex and bewildering communication via iPhone to the Triple A. It took nine calls, during which I was switched all over the place to find someone who represented this little piece of woodland in Harpers Ferry, WV, and was repeatedly disconnected, forced to call again, give my membership number, spell my name, describe the problem, be told that I was at the wrong `office, but would be transferred….

Finally yelling at the last, really undeserving guy who I hadn’t spoken with before, I got notice that a tow truck was coming and waited for an hour until it go there. Total times with calls and waits was close to 2 hours.

Now Brown’s Auto Service picked up the Subaru this morning and with luck they can get it running today and I can find someone to give me a ride over to the west side of Shepherdstown to pick it up.

Not a great day at the beginning.

An evening revelation…

It’s been so long that I’ve seen a rainbow… but, as Elly and I pulled into the parking lot of the Mountain View Diner in Charles Town, there it was… fuzzy in the clouds as the sun behind me was beginning to set.

I took a quick photo with my iPhone:

A little out of focus, but that’s what the air felt like.

My glasses are here.. I’ve changed my look..

First, I had my grey hair cut short. Then I had my Superfocus glasses fitted at an optician‘s in Charles Town. Now here is the new me:

What a change!  Wait til John Case sees me tomorrow morning on Winners And Losers.

I read this piece by Heath Harrison at West Virginia Blue… not a surprise for most of us!

The W.Va. GOP, a party of lunatics and birthers

Public Policy Polling is set to release new W.Va. numbers Tuesday.

Among the things they’re teasing today, via Twitter:

Only 22% of GOP primary voters in WV think Obama was born in U.S….guess who has his first state level polling lead? That means 78 percent are either birthers or not sure. Barely 1 in 5 W.Va. Republicans live in reality.

And bear in mind that this is just the number of those who would go on record and admit it to a pollster. I suspect the actual birther rate is even higher.

And if the person referred to in PPP‘s hint is who we all think it is, W.Va. Republicans will have found yet another way to embarrass the state come tomorrow morning.  

heath_harrison :: The W.Va. GOP, a party of lunatics and birthers

This why I always feel good about living here in good ole West Virginya. I run into these Republicans all over the place… sitting for lunch at Betty’s in Shepherdstown, or standing in the checkout line at Martin’s supermarket in Martinsburg (or the one in Charles Town), or just listening to them as they call into radio programs commenting on the governor’s primaries. And you can’t get them to change their minds by pointing out actual proof that has been accepted by most of the world.

Oh well, maybe these folks won’t find their way to the voting booth in 2012… maybe we should convince them that Republicans will have a special vote on the day AFTER election day. They might believe that, too.

I had an interesting interview in Charles Town this morning…

As a “99er” who had just about given up on getting a job again (I went on early retirement with Social Security and started calling in my old teacher’s pension from TIAA Cref that I built up teaching in the NY City University system back in the 70s), it was refreshing to get called in for an interview for a position that was in a Craig’s List post a couple of months ago. When I responded to that listing it was certainly no more than a chance event…I have responded to these things before and never heard back from them. This one, however, got in touch with me.

The job is a local writing position at a weekly newspaper in Jefferson County (WV), The Spirit Of Jefferson County, covering town meetings and other events in the small towns of our area. For someone who writes every day (mostly, of course, in this blog) and who gets into local news on the Winners and Losers program on WSHC Friday mornings, this seems ideal.

I met with the Publisher and Managing Editor at their Charles Town office and had the usual kind of back and forth interview you would expect… “Tell us about yourself”, etc…. and I left feeling pretty good about it.

Of course I’m not the only one being interviewed, so this is just as likely to fall through as not, nut it was nice to be back on the trail again…especially at a place where I think I can offer something. I’d also like to get these people as guests on the radio show.