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Miners Found Dead: Four Missing Miners Found Dead At Upper Big Branch Coal Mine

This ends the search… now what is the mining company going to do to prevent future casualties?
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MONTCOAL, W.Va. — Crews on Saturday were to begin the bleak task of carrying bodies out of a coal mine shattered by an explosion that left 29 men dead, only hours after families’ hopes were crushed when they found out none of the workers survived.
On Saturday, the mood among many people in this swath of coal country was somber.
“It takes something like this to really get your attention, but I think about it everyday,” said James Lipford, 38, who said he has been a miner for 10 years.
The discovery of the final four bodies ended days of futile searches by rescue crews that repeatedly battled a volatile mix of poisonous gases and thick smoke that turned them back on three previous attempts. The massive blast also left the inside of the mine a mess of twisted tracks, boulders and debris.
“We did not receive the miracle that we prayed for,” Gov. Joe Manchin told reporters after meeting with relatives to deliver the news. “So this journey has ended and now the healing will start.”
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