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An Extra Cartoon for the Week

If I had seen this one yesterday it would have at least tied for Cartoon of the Week. I give it to you now.

From Pat Oliphant, Universal Press Syndicate:


Remember when there was a REAL News Media?

Cartoon of the Week

Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:


Why on Earth don’t we remember the WHOLE 20th Century which became a Century of War? Why on Earth do we make the deaths of young Americans the basis of public policy? We have the technology to DESTROY THE EARTH without putting one soldier on the line, yet we send thousands more to face enemies we don’t even have a direct conflict with (Afghanistan, Iraq, all the Middle East war areas seem to be in pure Civil War. Why do we have to be the camp counselor?)

Perhaps we can remember Viet Nam. I know that there are millions of younger Americans who do not even know one fact about that stinking conflict that we got caught up in because we were against Communism!

That wall in Luckovich’s cartoon really should be visited by every politician in America and they should be forced to read EVERY NAME ON IT. Then they could think about the kind of world that could have been achieved if so many thousands had served America as LIVING CITIZENS!

My Uncle Butch (Irving B. Tchakirides) is a name they would have to read on that wall. Certainly everyone reading this, through the six degrees of separation process, will connect with someone else that they were related to or were close to.

If we think, maybe we can stop.

Cartoon of the Week

Kevin Siers in the Charlotte Observer:


The effect of Rush Limbaugh as a mental disorder… unfortunately it’s not really a joke.

Cartoon of the Week

Jeff Danziger, New York Times Syndicate:

KARZAI AFGHAN ELECTIONWhy do we get involved with these guys?

Cartoon of the Week

John Sherffius in the Boulder Daily Camera:


…and get the little dog, too.

Cartoons of the Week Leftovers

I knew I missed a couple good ones when I did the All Sarah Palin Quits Cartoon Festival two days ago. Here are two I missed:

Jeff Stahler in the Columbus Dispatch:


. and .

Ben Sargent in the Austin-American Statesman:


Can you believe the wealth of material that this archetypical Repugnican has provided to our best art-commentators?

Cartoon of the Week

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

How we must educate the stupid.