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It’s over a month… why isn’t Zimmerman in custody?

According to the L.A.Times:

George Zimmerman, whose fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager has sparked nationwide protests over alleged racial profiling, had thought the entire incident would “blow over,” a friend said Sunday. Instead, Zimmerman is hiding amid death threats and demands for his arrest.

As to how anyone could think that the death of a 17-year-old armed with candy and iced tea could just disappear doesn’t realize his own failing.

Although he has some friends coming out to claim that Zimmerman is not racist, there is the problem of the 911 tape, the list of previous calls to the police from Zimmerman claiming other black people in the neighborhood (where apparently there are black residents) and the fact that Zimmerman was told to withdraw, but followed Trayvon Martin anyway.

In any other similar situation, a Zimmerman-type offender would be arrested if only to prevent his leaving Florida. Why not here?