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Big News From HuffPo: White House Wins Labor Support For Health Care

This hit just before 6 PM… looks like we’re on the way to getting this Health Care compromise finished.

Here’s a clip, but you might want to read the whole thing:

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Leaders of the labor movement announced Thursday afternoon that they have reached a compromise agreement with the White House and congressional leaders to address union concerns with the health care reform bill.

The most contentious issue facing the negotiators was the excise tax on high-cost, “Cadillac” insurance plans. The tax was not eliminated, as many union members had called for, but was scaled back so that it won’t hit as many labor households.
For an eight-year period, plans that are the result of collective bargaining – union plans – will be exempted from the tax.
“Let’s go on and actually pass this bill,” Anna Burger of the Service Employees International Union said in a conference call union leaders held with reporters to announce the deal. The AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka cautioned, however, that full labor support is “subject to the final bill.”
The deal was reached with the White House, they said, but Congress is also on board.
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