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Tooling around the web and stumbling on old memories…

I more or less tripped over a video from the first year of Sesame Street where Cookie Monster sings “C is for Cookie.” I know it is from the first year because it is also from my son Buddy’s first year… and I used to sit with him to watch it a quarter of a century ago, even though he was too small to really understand it. I wanted him to start out with what was, then, a very new concept in televised education.

When you think of all the talents who put that show together! Joan Ganz Cooney who came up with the concept and got it funded and produced through her Children’s Television Workshop; the late Jim Henson’s Muppets (including the one’s created specifically for the show like the aforementioned Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Oscar The Grouch; Music by the late Joe Raposo, the show’s first Music Director and creator of many songs that were recorded outside of the show as well (“It’s not that easy being green” was recorded by Frank Sinatra).

Anyway… here’s “C is for Cookie”:

Have a nice morning.