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My son is now a married man and I am a tired old fat guy…


Morning after… I’m sitting in the lounge at the Milwaukee Hilton catching up on e-mail and my blog while my wife and my daughters go over to Buddy’s house (or should I say Will’s? No, I can’t get used to that… he’s been Buddy to me since the day he was born) for a brunch (I can’t deal with the stairs up to Bud’s house after my bone-breaking accident… and I had an extra fall yesterday walking down some narrow stairs at the Oriental Theater during wedding pictures time… so I’m staying here until they get back.)

This afternoon at 3:00 we catch the first of two trains… this one to Chicago and the next to Martinsburg, WV. We’ll be traveling for next 20 or so hours. What fun.

During Buddy and Rachel’s wedding reception last evening we had a brief rainfall… and, in a sign that I see as good luck for the married couple… it was followed by a Rainbow. What are the odds of that happening? This was magic!

Elly and I had breakfast this morning with my cousin Bob, his wife Suzie and his daughter SueSue and her boyfriend. They’re driving back to Chicago later. It was nice seeing them
The lovely young woman who works this waiting lounge just brought me some ice water… they are so pleasant here…and I think I’ll take a little nap if i can get away with it. Once we head out for the train I’ll have no Wi-Fi again until we get home tomorrow, so I can’t do much more on the blog.

Be good to each other.


Starting a new week in August…

My summer experience with the Theater Children’s Camp over, I’m turning my attention to doing some volunteer work for the American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF)… initially creating a form for their web site. Between ACFF and John Case’s Friday Morning radio program (and the start of rehearsals for Thurber Carnival that I’ve agreed to do lights for) I’ve got plenty to do to end the summer.

Elly is still in Wisconsin visiting our son, but she will be back tomorrow afternoon and the dogs and I will be glad to see her. I had the chance to go to the movies with my daughter Penny (we saw Michael Douglas in Solitary Man, a film I really don’t recommend) yesterday before her kids got back from visiting their paternal grandparents.

Life is pretty dull right now… more time to look at politics and get miserable.

Happy Birthday Bud! Happy Sovereignty Day Iraq!

Today is the date for two important occurances:

1.) The birthday of my son, known to many as Will but to his Mother and me as Buddy, who is now in DC working at the Hyatt and getting ready for Graduate School…


2.) it has been declared National Sovereignty Day in Iraq, celebrating the plan of the American army to withdraw from the streets and to start leaving the country.

Two good things on the same day!

Yesterday… an almost indescribable experience… Today: Father’s Day.

Buddy, my son down in DC, called at 9:00 AM to say Happy Father’s Day… that’s one down and I am waiting for the rest to make a phone call or an on-line appearance.

I got back from Full Circle’s visit to St. Elizabeths Hospital (where we presented POUND for an audience of about 100 patients and staff) and had dinner with Elly at the Blue Moon. I tried to describe what happened at the performance, but how do you explain something like this?

For instance, every time I threw a blackout using the one switch I had that controlled the unfocused and somewhat inadequate lights, one of the audience members yelled out something like “If you turn the lights out again I will KILL YOU!”  The Stge Manager was controlling the Houselights from three different switch locations at the back of the auditorium and she told me that at one point when she turned the houselights out, this guy who yelled started walking up the aisle toward her… until a staff member led him back to his seat… and she got out of there fast.

Joe Jurand, the Director,  came backstage  during the show and said not to black out the lights again… so I wasn’t sure how we were going to change scenes. When the first cue to blackout came and I just sat there, I got a signal from Joe in the audience to turn them out… I was confused, of course, but it seems that they decided along the way to put houselights, some of them at least, back on, so the scene changing stage blackouts could happen and it wouldn’t go dark. Of course, no one told me or I wouldn’t have been late on the blackout.

This was a noisy audience… not sure if they got anything out of the play. And, on top of everything, for the whole last scene a fire alarm was going off. This cast was amazing, however. Nothing caused them to break character and  they made it right through the curtain calls.

One of the audience members came up to a couple of us as we were taking the props out and said “It was better than watching soap operas.”  So I guess that was the overall effect of the show.