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Congress vs. Supreme Court? Television and Radio vs. Politicians?

Simon Owens, over at, directed me to this piece in cqpolitics. Here’s a clip, but go in and read the whole thing:
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Broadcasters Air Gripes With Political Ad Bill
Television station owners are mobilizing against a new Democratic campaign finance bill that would force them to slash prices for many political advertisements.
The National Association of Broadcasters confirmed late last week that it will oppose provisions of the DISCLOSE Act, an attempt by House and Senate Democrats — and a handful of House Republicans — to roll back elements of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.
The high court’s decision tossed out most restrictions on political ad buys on television by corporations, trade associations and nonprofit groups.
The bill would require television, cable and radio outlets to offer the Republican National Committee, the Democratic National Committee and other political party committees the same deeply discounted price — the “lowest unit rate,” in industry jargon — that television stations are now required to offer only to political candidates.
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