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Ever make out a “living will?”

My daughter, wife, son and daughter-in-law are all participating in making out the details for a “living will“… I guess they are worried about what to do with my books and check-protector collection and fat-man clothes and other stuff.

They need to know if I’ll allow an autopsey, or whether I want to be cremated or buried or stuffed and distributed on a timely basis to decorate the homes of family members. They need to know if I want to stay alive in a vegetative state. Nothing I’ve really thought about before.

They are doing all this by following instructions in a book (“In the Checklist of Life“) by Elly and my old friend and former employee Lynn McPhelimy who developed this stuff thirty years ago.

This has been helpful to many people in our family… Elly gave many of them copies of Lynn’s book as holiday gifts one year. You can get it, too… just go to Amazon:   where it costs under $20.00.

If you are planning last days of any family member, or yourself, you may want to consider one of the many five-star reviews that have appeared on Amazon:

This is an excellent book. Everyone needs to have one of these. I have filled out every page that applies. I told my whole family where it is located should my untimely death occur. I have had to plan and attend many funerals and when there is no plan it can make things difficult and stressful. It you take the time to fill out these pages, even some of them, it will help your family in a time of sorrow and confusion. This book is best for the division of property and sentimental items. It is also a good idea to have a living will and trust. Anyone who’s ever had to go through probate or a difficult family situation can relate. For those who haven’t, just know that death can often do strange things to people and even the most loving of families can be divided over who gets what. Get this book as a great start to planning an inevitable part of life.

…or this one:

“In the Checklist of Life” was a book that I found to be indispensable. In retrospect, after losing someone close to you, you realize how important this book really is. I have always joked with my family about writing my own obituary, and here is my very own chapter in which to do just that. The chapter about your pets is one that should not be missed for all pet lovers. This book is smart, it’s funny, it makes you think, it makes you cry. Be kind to your family and fill in the pages of this wonderful book. They will forever be thankful.

As I think about what might go wrong with the surgery I’m having next Friday, this will keep most of my family feeling much more secure.  Thanks, Lynn.


Isn’t Stephen Colbert Great?!

This hits BP right where we live.

This may be the only time you catch me writing about Sarah Palin…

One of the things that is turning me away from television…even MSNBC… is the amount of coverage being given to Sarah Palin at the release of her new book.

Is she going to run for President in 2012? Is she the spokesperson for the Repiglican Party? Does what she says MEAN ANYTHING… or is what she says even TRUE? What do the lines of people waiting to get her autograph on her book mean? How does this effect the ongoing, cellar-bottom polling numbers she gets as a political potential?

Are she and Joe Lieberman going to leave their spouses and run off together? (Sorry… spending too much time at the grocery store checkout looking at tabloid covers.)

Now that I have all of this out, let me say I don’t care what this woman does or what she says. And it puts my opinion of a big chunk of the population on an even lower notch than it has been.

Book Say’s Obama’s Life Is At Risk…

Truthout has printed this review of “In the President’s Secret Service,” by Ronald Kessler , which shows how Secret Service cost cutting puts Obama in great danger. Worth reading the whole article… but here’s a clip:
clipped from

    Every American knows that politics can be an ugly business, rife with mudslinging,
underhandedness and, in the worst of times, outright sabotage.

    Like it or not, the collective American voting public is as much inclined towards
emotional reactionism as it is rational reflection. The former is a trait that
both political parties, at times, do their best to exploit; and the conservative
right is doing a heck of a job at it right now, dredging up fears of non-existent
“death panels” and rationing in an attempt to derail, or at least
dilute, Democratic health-care reform initiatives.

But lately the level of hostility directed at President
Obama and progressive lawmakers from some corners of society has crossed the
line from disturbing to downright scary.
President Obama – whose Secret Service
codename is Renegade – is the target of more than 30 threats a day, more than
four times (or 400 percent) the number received by his predecessor George W.
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