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Seymour Chwast hits it right on the head (with both faces)

Chwast is such a great illustrator. When I saw this I felt that it summed up women’s issues and Romney in a simple image:

Chwast, of course, is one of the great names in advertising and a founder of Pushpin Studios with Milton Glaser.

Gil Scott-Heron died yesterday at 62

“You can go into [Allen] Ginsberg and the Beat poets and [Bob] Dylan, but Gil Scott-Heron is the manifestation of the modern word. He and the Last Poets set the stage for everyone else.”

Chuck D

No matter what side you are on, recognizing the greatness of an American poet is something we don’t often do.

Here is the one he is best known for:

And here he talks about making it:

R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron

If I were a Billionaire I’d buy the Chelsea Hotel…

I just watched a video on the Reuters site about the Hotel Chelsea in NYC being up for sale. While a price on the 120+ year old building has not been set, its history in the world of the arts is unique. Aside from having been home to Dylan Thomas, Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe, Arthur C. Clarke as he wrote “2001 –  A Space Odyssey”, and hundreds of artists, writers, actors, dancers and musicians, it is the central monument of the Chelsea neighborhood.

When I lived in Chelsea some years ago (1970s), I was a couple of blocks away from the Chelsea Hotel and walked by it on my way to work every day. When I managed exhibitions (among other things) at the Jamaica Arts Center in Queens, I did one show with a curator who lived in the Chelsea Hotel and spent lots of hours there in meetings… a great experience. In the 60s, when developers tried to tear down the Queen Anne style building, New Yorkers campaigned together and saved it by having it declared a National Landmark. To this day, the Chelsea still operates as a hotel with both private apartments and regular hotel rooms.

Now it is for sale, although a price gas not been put on it yet. Hopefully, whoever buys it will continue in its preservation and encourage it to keep supplying a home for artists at work… few of these are left in New York.

Here’s where to go to see the Reuters video: