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I’d like to take a moment to talk with all my friends around the country who haven’t decided if they will vote this year…

Quite frankly, there is not much of a choice here: if you don’t vote, you will condemn us to changes in our country that will be hard to live with and harder to overcome in the future.

For instance, Republican Senate candidates Linda McMahon in Connecticut, Rand Paul in Kentucky, John Raese in West Virginia, and Dino Rossi in Washington have all pledged to roll back or eliminate the minimum wage.

Sharron Angle in Nevada, Ken Buck in Colorado, and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania have all talked about privatizing Social Security — or eliminating it altogether.

Twenty of this year’s Republican candidates for the Senate have been asked about climate change, and 19 of them have said that the science is wrong.

Taking stances this extreme has serious consequences. However, Pat Toomey is slipping in Pennsylvania; In Wisconsin, Ron Johnson is losing ground; Raese, Paul, and Buck are running out of steam. If you get out and vote, either in early voting this week or on November 2nd, you will have the effect of helping the progressive force in Congress solve the real problems made in the eight years of the Bush Administration.

So PLEASE VOTE. And encourage your friends to vote. And, if you have the time, send out e-mail or make phone calls to get folks to vote.

You won’t regret it.

Joe Conason on Richard Blumenthal

This is a very short clip from a great article in Salon by Joe Conason about Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal and the run for Dodd’s Senate Seat. Please go in and read the whole thing:
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Dodd’s vulnerability had tempted Republicans to believe they could capture his seat, despite the deep blue hue of the Nutmeg State — until today, when Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will announce that he plans to seek the Democratic senatorial nomination next summer.
— he is by far the most popular elected official in the state.
What he hasn’t hesitated to do is wield state power against industrial polluters, corporate tax evaders, credit-card gougers, consumer abusers, financial fraudsters, violent felons, and other public enemies. He is among the most progressive politicians in Connecticut — and for that matter he is also among the most admired and most progressive among his official peers across the nation.
Every poll has shown that Blumenthal can beat any Republican still dreaming about the Dodd seat, which means Connecticut will be spared the further embarrassment of being represented in the Senate by someone like Linda McMahon (as this brand-new PPP survey shows).
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Big Changes for Democrats in 2010

* Senators Dorgan (D- ND) and Dodd (D-CT) are retiring…

* Harold Ford may run for NY Senate seat…

* Hell freezing over…

I’m not sure what to make of this morning’s news. On the one hand, the personal problems of Chris Dodd, which the Republicans saw as a way to gain his Senate seat, now go away and the popular Atty General Richard Blumenthal will run for and most likely get the seat. Of course, this will make Holy Joe Lieberman the Senior Senator from Connecticut… not the best thing in the world for any of us.

Dorgan, on the other hand, will be a big loss for the Democrats after his 18-years of service. Whether a Democrat can hold that seat is highly questionable.