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Looks like I’m doing WINNERS AND LOSERS on WSHC tomorrow morning…

…since I haven’t heard from John Case. Guess he’s still in Canada. Oh well, this will round out my week.

I’m going over blues music and such here tonite… and making a list of political stuff to talk about in case anyone calls in to the show (Mark or Dino or Ralph).

By the way… you can listen to the show on line. Just go to and click on “Listen to WSHC Live”.  To call in to the show dial 304-876-5369 anytime between 7:30 and 9:00 AM when I’m on the air.

There’s also the chance that John will walk in during the show and I can turn over the reins and the door key to the real host of the show (and get some sleep on weekday mornings!)

Wondering about the Friday Morning Winners and Losers Show and its audience.

I’m wondering how many people listen to John Case and me on Friday mornings on WSHC 89.7 FM on Friday Mornings. We get phone calls from the same four people and this morning we had a friend of John’s wife in the studio who listens on line from the Detroit, MI, area… but other than these, I’d sure like to know what the actual number of listeners comes to… and what kinds of things they wish we would talk about.

Right now we talk about Progressive and/or Liberal politics, we talk about poetry and local theater, and we talk about Jefferson County, WV, in general. The music we play is mostly blues (except when John takes the day off and I play more to the Zappa end of the spectrum) in between discussions and phone calls. If people would like to hear more of the same, or would rather hear different stuff, it would be nice to know.

Just curious.