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Just came in from walking the dogs in a BLIZZARD!

It’s an official blizzard today… winds going over 30mph with the snow falling and blowing around. However, that doesn’t mean that my 2 friends don’t go for their morning walk.

Nestle and Byron both have black fur, but they were all white (and wet) when we finished and came back in the house.

\One guy with a pickup truck and a plow is out clearing a roadway in front of the townhouses, but the weather on TV said we’re likely to get another 8″ to 12″ before 6:00 PM.

This will once again cancel Snark rehearsal… not sure we’ll get back into the theater until Saturday, if then.

Anyway.. thought everyone might appreciate this closeup of the Eagle’s Nest over at our
National Conservation Training Center… the live cam does a new picture every thirty seconds.

Looks like there’s a little fella in there wondering what he’s going to do about lunch.

Waiting for the Blizzard…

OK… Friday morning and no snow yet. But they’ve already closed (or delayed) the schools and the grocery stores have been mobbed with people stocking up for the end of the world (I went to Martin’s yesterday afternoon, a really large store, and all 16 cash register spots were open with  long lines of people at all of them… on a THURSDAY!…I’ve never seen that before.)

I have an 8:30 AM appointment for a car inspection and with luck I’ll get everything over with before the snow starts.