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Here’s an article from The Nation…

This is the start of the article… I suggest you read it all. This is disturbing:
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US Still Paying Blackwater Millions
Just days before two former Blackwater
employees alleged
in sworn statements filed in federal court that
the company’s owner, Erik Prince, “views himself as a Christian crusader
tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,”
the Obama administration extended a contract with Blackwater for more
than $20 million for “security services” in Iraq, according to federal
contract data obtained by The Nation. The State Department
contract is scheduled to run through September 3. In May, the State
Department announced it was not renewing Blackwater’s Iraq contract, and
the Iraqi government has refused to issue the company an operating
Despite its scandal-plagued track record, Blackwater (which has
rebranded itself as Xe) continues to have a presence in Iraq, trains
Afghan forces on US contracts and provides government-funded training
for military and law enforcement inside the
United States.
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