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If this is true it would change most opinions of the Taliban and bin Laden..

There is much more in this Truthout article which bears reading. Makes me wonder who to listen to and what to believe. Why do I always feel we’re being dragged by our ears into absolute abomination?

Think I’ll go read “1984” again.

Here’s the beginning clip:

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Taliban Regime Pressed bin Laden on Anti-US Terror

Washington  – Evidence now available from various sources, including recently declassified U.S. State Department documents, shows that the Taliban regime led by Mullah Mohammad Omar imposed strict isolation on Osama bin Laden after 1998 to prevent him from carrying out any plots against the United States.

The evidence contradicts the claims by top officials of the Barack Obama administration that Mullah Omar was complicit in Osama bin Laden’s involvement in the al Qaeda plot to carry out the terrorist attacks in the United States on Sep. 11, 2001. It also bolsters the credibility of Taliban statements in recent months asserting that it has no interest in al Qaeda’s global jihadist aims.

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The Power of Nightmares — Part 5

Continuing onward with the start of the last hour of this BBC Documentary. We’ve been through a half century of events so far. And then came 9/11:

The Power of Nightmares — Part 4

So… now we get up to the Clinton administration and the terrorism of Bin Laden.

More later.