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I always find it highly moving when salesmanship can overthrow politics. This from KABOBfest.

Did you see Cenk’s piece on the “anonymously sponsored” anti-Obama billboard in Colorado?

I’ll be glad when the election season is over and the snakes go back under their rocks.

I realize that Colorado is an ugly contest as it is. This just takes it one racist step farther. If I were a Coloradoan, I’d be interested in finding out who put the Billboard up and have their names publicized all over the state. And then I’d ask the Government to move the Air Force Academy to another state.

As of this week it has apparently been taken down after both Democratic and GOP politicians complained (Democrats called it “Racist”, Republicans called it “Silly”… guess which party had the least problem with it.)  They still don’t know who put it up.

btw: While it’s unknown who paid for the billboard, the artist is Loma, CO,  resident Paul Snover.

“I am not allowed to say who (paid for it) at this time. If it had been me, I would have included the Republicans as part of the problem.”

…said Snover.