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Getting this election over with is becoming an evening of sheer misery…

It’s not enough that I am going in for tests before my Friday brain surgery at 6:30 AM tomorrow and go through four different doctors and three tests by 2:30 PM…just getting my mind in the mood for that doesn’t let me bond with the TV pundits who are arguing out the campaign results they can’t really call.

Thinking about how miserable it would be if Romney won, but that is not nearly as bad as thinking about how graceless in their concessions the losers will be if Obama and the Democratic Congressional candidates win. Nobody seems to really be trying to tie the country together and make us the UNITED states that we have to become.

BTW, I want to really think the hundreds of you who have wished me well by e-mail, in Facebook, and those of you who have commented on this blog.  I never really knew how many of you visit the LobsterScope and it’s daily changing graphic background and what my daughter calls the rantings of an old man. I hope I’ll be back at full speed next week some time, but it will be hard to keep it up now through the weekend. Don’t be surprised if a day has no or only one post… and don’t plan on anything Friday or Saturday.

Those of you who listen to me on the radio at WSHC 89.7 Shepherdstown, either locally or on the worldwide live feed at , won’t hear me this weekend. I got friends and fellows to cover my time on the air and I thank all of them.

If you are in a state that has late polls open and you haven’t voted yet, get out there and do it. People have died for your right to vote!

Bye now… Bill.

Thanks for your contribution, Joe Bratcher

My thanks to
Joe Bratcher for donating to Under The LobsterScope. Thanks, 
Joe .

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– Bill

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Thanks to Brion Emde for his overnight contribution to this blog…

My thanks to Brion Emde for last night’s donation to Under The LobsterScope. Thanks, Brion. I think you are our first member from Redmond Washington.

Watch your e-mail, your Bill’s Barnhart Ornaments  font is on the way!

– Bill

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The Mellow Moods sign… Bradley Sanders’ Best

I’ve been watching Bradley make this in his shop for some months now. Cutting and carving the names and decorations into the wood, working the copper for the centerpiece with the tree, forming and welding the decorative arms that hold it to the front of the building… all of these things made as fine craft.

Yesterday morning, Bradley and Mr. Bill came over and hung it over the Mellow Moods entrance as we all watched. Phil Mastrangelo, owner of the Mood, kept going in and out to check the progress, worried that the height was too low (which it wasn’t) and smiling like you can’t believe.

Anyway, here are both sides of the sign which now bring new life to German Street:



This is a great addition to our historic and arts-oriented district. Bravo to Bradley and congrats to Phil.



The House can still block War Funding.

Current article at War is a (used to be called After Downing Street):
clipped from

War Funding Going to House

The Senate has passed an almost $60 billion bill funding President Barack Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan after stripping out more than $20 billion in domestic spending approved by the House.
In a take-it-or-leave-it gesture, the Senate is returning the bill it passed in May to the House.
The spending bill is now limited chiefly to Afghanistan funding, foreign aid, medical care for Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and replenishing almost empty disaster aid accounts.
The move repels a long-shot bid by House Democrats earlier this month to resurrect their faltering jobs agenda with $10 billion in grants to school districts to avoid teacher layoffs, money for a summer jobs program and improved security along the U.S.-Mexico border.
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I’ve been away all day…

…and I have just returned home for the evening. Sorry to all my regular readers… I will try to catch up on my blogging later.

– BT

Health Care Passes!

The Democratic-controlled Congress has approved historic legislation extending health care to tens of millions of Americans who lack it and cracking down on insurance company abuses.

The vote in the House was  219 to 212 causing the biggest overhaul of the nation’s health care system in more than four decades, sweeping changes expected to make coverage easier and cheaper to obtain.

The largely party-line vote — 219 Democrats voted “yea,” while all 178 Republicans and 34 Democrats voted no — meant President Barack Obama’s biggest domestic initiative inched closer to the end of its year-long political and legislative odyssey.

The vote sent a bill passed on Dec. 24 by the Senate to Obama for his signature.

The House, however, will consider later this evening another bill that would make major changes, called reconciliation, that will be sent to the Senate for consideration next week.

Quote for the Day – on the Health Care Bill

“The profit motive will still dictate everything. The Insurance Companies will still be in charge.”

– Michael Moore being interviewed on the

Keith Olberman Countdown program (which Bic has reproduced HERE)

Quote of the WEEK

“Imagine if instead of debating either of the historic G.I. Bills — legislation that has given so many brave Americans the chance to brave college — if this body had stood silent. Imagine if instead of debating the bills that created Social Security or Medicare, the Senate’s voices had been stilled. Imagine if instead of debating whether to abolish slavery, instead of debating whether giving women and minorities a right to vote, those who disagreed were muted, discussion was killed.”

– Senator Harry Reid

It’s Saturday and we can expect a major vote in the Senate today to get the Health Care legislation to the Floor…

To start with, here is how this morning’s article on HuffPo kicks off the upcoming procedure:

A crucial first Senate vote on President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul in a rare Saturday night session looms as a test of Democratic unity and the president’s prestige.

Democratic leaders are optimistic of success, but they need every Democrat and both independents to vote “yes,” and two moderates remained uncommitted ahead of the roll call, which is expected around 8 p.m. The vote will determine whether debate can go forward on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s 2,074-page bill to dramatically remake the U.S. health care system over the next decade.

A lot of this rests on Senators Lincoln and Landrieu, both of whom have not yet committed to just bring the discussion to the floor. Landrieu is not up for reelection in 2010, but Lincoln is and that is why she is taking longer to decide. Just getting the bill to the floor for discussion does NOT pass it, but merely puts it up for debate and amendment. Once on the floor, it would still have to pick up 60 votes to pass.

According to an interview with Senator John Kyl:

Appearing on Fox News Friday morning, Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) insisted that “every single Republican will oppose” even debating health care reform because “they know it will only get worse.”

“None of the things that they like about the bill will get better; and the things they object to would take 60 votes to change, and they know they’re not going to get 60 votes to amend the bill to their liking,” said Kyl, the minority whip in the Senate.

At the same time, The Repiglicans are demanding six weeks of discussion… even though they have already decided to vote against it. A stall? Certainly looks that way.

Let’s wait for tonight’s vote and see what happens.

Al Franken has proposed his First Bill

and it’s a small, but pretty good one that show’s Al’s sympathy with the military guys he entertained for years…

And what is his very first bill? Make service dogs cheaper for injured service members. The dogs help wounded vets get around, remind them to take medications, can wake them from nightmares and could even lower the high suicide rates among our military. It costs $20K to train a dog, however, and another $5K to place one with a vet. Franken’s bill would train more dogs and make it easier for vets to match up with a canine companion.

Good for you, Al.